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In the Shadow of the Creator: Ghostwriting Mary Shelley


by Mary Shelley

October 5

My dearest Margaret- I know nearly a month has passed since my last letter, whence I did promise to return to England, but o! the events that have transpired since are both dreadful and magnificent. I pray your husband and children have made you happy as you anxiously awaited my news. It is with utmost seriousness that I apologise for the injustice I have caused in disappearing so soon after I promised to return. Now, with resolve I must tell you what hath occupied my nights since the passing of my new friend, Victor Frankenstein and, my beloved sister, I ask that you keep an open mind and a warm heart whilst I propose the grave favour of which I am about to speak.

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Outsourcing: Undercover

“Call centers are like a secret society behind closed doors.” –Chris, 30 Days: Outsourcing

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If Only We Knew: The Science of Prediction







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ignore this

 oops- is there no delete button?

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Welcome to the Dollhouse


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Careful Meditations

Careful Meditations: A Poetry Exercise in Word Replacement

a collaboration of intellect by Gertrude Stein, William James, Mark Strand, and Isabel Holmes


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The Pringle Project

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Imagining the Spaces Between

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The Book of Alice

The Book of Alice—Process Commentary

            Writing a half-crown of sonnets was a significantly more intense process than I had anticipated, but I would say well worth the time and effort. The form of my project, a half-crown of sonnets, was inspired by this work of Marilyn Nelson’s (hers a far nobler attempt than mine):

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