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What is the revolutionary potential of comics as a medium?

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Hello classmates, professors, and visitors!

As the culmination of The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories, I have created a comic in dialogue with Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics that is meant to complement his work by both demonstrating how his ideas are useful and also highlighting some things that he left out of his theory of comics as a revolutionary medium.

A few notes on the creation process: unlike McCloud, I did not use linear panels in this work for the most part, but instead worked to create a combination of panels and college in the form of a series of pages in my notebook. This work was partially inspired by Linda Barry's style, which I find both aesthetically appealing and also more freeform than McCloud's style; it allowed me to explore my ideas more thoroughly, especially since I have limited artistic ability and wanted to incorporate collage into my work. I also wanted to show what a comic could be if it did not strictly adhere to more traditional ideas of paneling, etc.

Please note that due to time constraints this says nowhere near all that it could say, and I welcome your thoughts on this topic that I have found so engaging! The links below, in chronological order, will allow you to see each page of the comic. Also, please note that all images pulled are the full copyright of the original author, and that I am in no way intending to represent them as my own. Happy reading!

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8
Page 9

Thanks for reading!


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Note: In citing where I pull the images from in my work, I have written either "Folle," "Incal," or "Métal" along with a page number to indicate which title I pulled it from.