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Non-Fictional Prose and the Reality of All Creatures

          Throughout this course, we have explored the difficulties of categorizing literature as fiction or non-fiction. Because all literature is bound to be biased and because categorization as “non-fiction” implies truthfulness and factuality, no work of literature can be categorized as “non-fiction” with any definitiveness.

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Skepticism and Henrietta's Story

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Fictional Factuality and The Wire

      On any given Sunday, crime drama series The Wire might draw an audience in the multi-millions. For Baltimoreans, an episode of the show might also parallel a local news broadcast. Critics applaud The Wire for its accuracy because producers base story lines on the experiences of Baltimore police officers and cast prominent politicians and lesser known Baltimore natives alike. The show is so accurate because episodes portray Baltimore as it exists, essentially, as the episodes are airing.

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