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Who Authored You?

             In my family women are archivists. At the end of the school year I throw a pile of paper into the recycling bin and five minutes later I hear my mother going through it. My grandmother visited us so as not to not to 'miss' moments. She visits it seems to take photographs the event is listed on her itinerary when she sends it. I have received all of the following images at least three times and usually in multiple mediums—from a CD and an email for example. There’s a determination for my Grandmother—who also will sit down and force her cousins to write out what they can remember about relatives and family trees—to make the dead take root in us.

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The Necessity of Context for Reference

I experimented and used a lot of photos and graphics in this post which serendip isn't always 100% on board with so I've posted it online

Comments welcome! 

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Playing with Visual Textual Reference in Fun Home

Throughout Fun Home the constant detail and ornamentation of the visual setting—the entire visual universe—that the narrative interacts with plays as large a role in establishing character as the more straight-forward elements of narrative. The visual culture, most obviously apparent in her detailed construction of the restored Victorian house she was raised in or even in the surrounding products of childhood: Life Cereal (153, 162)[1] Snyder (147, 108) Pretzels, the can of Pledge (16, 11), functions on a literary level as well.

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