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Mulitiplicity of Definitions

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For the final project, I decided to take a physical dictionary and represent the idea that there are multiple possibilities for every definition. I focused on some of the key words that came up over the semester and added some of the definitions we came up with in class over the existing printed definition. The new definitions/ideas are from my notes and from our class discussions. I used post-its so that the original definition would still be readable, and so they could still be added to, changed, or removed. I wanted to emphasize that the way these definitions are determined is entirely up to anyone who wants to take on the job. While we tend to see dictionaries and other reference tools as very authoritative, there are many opportunities to create our own definitions. Urban Dictionary and even Wikipedia are good examples of how anyone can go online and become a self-proclaimed authority on any subject they want.  

My initial idea was to just include the definitions from class in a way that the original definition could still be seen, but after looking at rachelr’s project from the Literary Kinds class, I decided to add some more visual components. This means that there are some definitions that are covered up, but for the most part, I tried to keep as much as possible of the original dictionary in tact. The words that I cut out to make the hole under the word imaginary are the ones that I glued to the back page and for the most part they are still readable.   


I put photos of what I did in a Flickr album, because the photos weren’t uploading well onto Serendip.