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Sacred Paths Labyrinth Journey - 1

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"We are slowly beginning to be healed" - 1 Giant Leap


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This is such a cool representation of walking around a labyrinth. Like Emily, I wouldn’t think to listen to music while doing this, but I think that it adds necessary ambiance to the scene. I also think that the experience of walking around labyrinth could apply to all of the themes that we talked about in class the other day. It relates to environmentalism for the obvious reason that you are out of doors, appreciating the natural world. That said, the labyrinth is a manmade thing, but this seems to be further proof that people and nature can function productively together. It relates to ecofeminism in the way that ecofeminism relates to the peaceful interaction between humans and their environment. Maybe if we are able to achieve this relationship with the environment we will actually be able to find a sort of grace, as the song mentions. 

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Hey Emily!

I picked the song because it nearly perfectly represents my thought process and what I had experienced during the walk and what my intentions were. It is calm in the beginning, enthusiastic towards the middle, and revelatory by the end - just as I was. And many of my most pressing concerns usually at the back of my mind are also covered in the lyrics of the song. I just realized it was perfect for this video - almost too perfect - to not incorproate it.

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one foot in front of the other

What I like about this is that the journey is so immediate, specific. You can't see the entire labryrinth, only the path before your feet. I wonder how this could be related to our discussion of environmentalism, feminism, or ecofeminism? 

I think the song you picked; I see it as a compliment to the experience.. and reminded me of times when I've gone into the labyrinth feeling introspective/quiet, and end in the middle, feeling more eager/enthusiastic/energetic. So watching this journey with the music also framed the experience for me - much like music will do in a movie.

I don't usually listen to music when I'm walking there - silence seems very important. Why did you choose to incorporate music into this representation? is the music something like an inner-monologue for emotion?