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So today's conversation about blogs, audiences, and interactivity or lack thereof got me thinking.

A lot of us wanted to be more drawn in to a blog, to be more able to have a conversation with the writer. The questions asked by GeekyMom, once we'd identified them (read: once Anne had shown them to us) seemed to appeal to several members of the class.

How do you guys feel about interactive blogs? I mean, blogs which set of daily tasks for the readers to do, or regular questions for the readers to answer? How about blogs where the writer learns a song, or a recipe, or a game, and encourages the reader to use her post as a guide to learn the same song, or recipe, or game? Does that kind of thing appeal to the class, or would it scare us a way and make us feel unproductive or pressured?


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 Do you have an example of this subgenre/type/blog?

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