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Family: Clarity and Obscurity

Clairity's picture
   Hello everyone! I'm Tianyi, from China. My username Clairity is a combination of my English name Claire and a state I dream to reach, clarity.
        My avatar is a picture with my mom and grandmom, which was taken a few days before I left for college. Now that I'm here, I think about my dear family every single day. Although their faces are a little vague in the picture, I still remember their smile, their voices, and their figures that became gradually smaller and obsurer when I waved goodbye to them in the airport. I love this picture for its magical circling effect, its artistic sense and its obscurity. I found my clarity from this picture even if I'm all alone in another country. No matter how distant you are to your family, how obscure their images are, family is always here, around you, in your heart.
        I hope Bryn Mawr could become a second home for all of us. I hope to find this kind of epiphany in Philadelphia. I hope to reach a sense of clarity in our trips. Philly, here we come!