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Tammi's Story

Tammi Jordan's picture

I am a Child of the Most High King.  The study of science in reference to behavior creates a greater reverence to my God.  He is awesome.  He has created the universe with systems that man are still trying to explain.  I love the stories that  have been carefully developed through observation.  I appreciate the curiosity that have lead to these stories that make God more real to me.

Who is this woman who loves the Lord?  I am Tammi (Jordan) Forbes a wife, parent, educator, student with other titles that have eluded me at this moment.  My story continues to unfold each day with new mercies that are granted to me each time that I wake.  But most importantly regardless of the spontaneous action potential that is going on within my nervous system the Lord has placed a hedge of protection around about me that covers me both day and night.  I know that my regardless of the action potential that creates a leak in my membranes which stimulate my sensory neurons that affect my interneurons God gives me wisdom to react in a manner that is pleasing to him as my creator.