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Tammi's Curriculum Proposal


For the coming school year I would like to go in depth about storytelling by having my students start to build on their story. 

I would like to do this in order for them to get a better understanding of who they are and begin to appreciate/respect the difference in others.  IMy hope is that in the process others will begin to understand that everyones story is unique and thereby acting on stories is irrespoonsible.


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What's your story?

Each class has a story that is made of multiple individual stories.  Yet some students don't know their story beyond what they see everyday.  In order to understand who they are they need to explore themselves, family members and maybe even neighbors.

I found a site that has activities that will help students to conduct interviews in order to compile their story. 

It is important to add that the story is a work in progress because their lives have just begun.

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Smiles Are Infectious

Smiles are infectious, what are you giving to others.



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Social Skills Training

Social Skills


Why should teachers be concerned with social skill training when this is what each parent should be doing daily?


Parents are teaching social skills that are relavant to their household and community.


The problem is that we have not bought into a universal set of social skills as we have common languages. In homes where there are multiple languages are spoken it is understood that there is an accepted language that is used in academic and business settings.


This leads us to:

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Social Inhibitors

I have started a resource on inhibitions.  If you share my interest please search this link.

Social inhibition - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Home Page For inhibitions - What is inhibitions?

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Huey Ooey Gooey

All schools funtion as a collective brain.  Each classroom is a box and the students as well as the teacher are boxes within the box.  In order for the brain/school to function we must somehow make all of the instruments play the same song. The trick is to get it to the point where you can play it again tomorrow. 


The brain is a complex organism.  We will explore it this year in order to better understand ourselves.

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Tammi's Story

I am a Child of the Most High King.  The study of science in reference to behavior creates a greater reverence to my God.  He is awesome.  He has created the universe with systems that man are still trying to explain.  I love the stories that  have been carefully developed through observation.  I appreciate the curiosity that have lead to these stories that make God more real to me.

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