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Web Papers for Evolution and Literature

ashiThe Change of the Simple
azambettiThe Final Mass Extinction
azambettiSynoptic Evolution
azambettiTimeless Stories
azambettiCultural Relativism and Alternative Unions
cevansIntention in Science
cevansEvolution of Intent
cevansEvolutionists vs. Creationists
Christina CunnaneBirthing Process Forces Cultural Evolution in Humans
Christina CunnaneRecapitulation: Evidence For or Against Evolution?
Christina Cunnane Literary Evolution in a Biblical Perspective
Christina CunnaneEvolution of Thought Through Topic Variation
CTTranslating between Species
CTCracks in the “Crack”: the Limits of Humanity
danYellTraining Aunt
danYellSubjectivity and evolution
danYellEvolution of Belief
danYellAspirant Evolution
EB Ver HoeveEscaping from the Sea: Transforming the Written Word
EB Ver HoeveExploring Moral Clarity via Control Theory
EB Ver HoeveTo Be Significant
ekornFact or Fiction
ekornSurvival of the Consumed
ekornOn Cloning
ekornThe Different Sides of Emily
Elise NiemeyerStory-making and “The Crack”
Elise NiemeyerRandomness versus Intent: the Lure of Security in Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design
Elise NiemeyerEndings as Mirrors of Evolutionary Growth in Literature: Howards End and On Beauty
Elise NiemeyerExtending Biological Evolution as a Metaphor for Cultural Development
evanstiegelContemporary Evolution of Racial Mindset
evanstiegelEvolution in the Classroom
evanstiegelThe Evolution of Racial Understand over Time
fortunesfoolThe Incredible Storytelling of Creationists
fortunesfoolCinderella and Evolution
fortunesfoolAquinas and Evolution
hayley reedA Discovery of New Words & Worlds: Language's Direct Impact on Evolution
hayley reedTranslating Reality
hayley reedEvolving without a Plan
hayley reedAn Odyssey of Self Awareness: Considering the Conscious & Unconscious
I.W.“And She Aches Just Like a Woman”
I.W.The Perpetual Motion of Evoultion
I.W.Finding a Path in the Absence of Truth
J ShafaghThe Evolution of Thought Affecting Biological Evolution
J ShafaghEvolution And Creationism In The Educational System
J ShafaghSpoken Word Performance: Understanding Reality
J ShafaghDynamic Homes: Representing Comfort in "Home," "Howard's End" and "The Fall of the House of Usher."
J ShafaghFinal Class Summary and Evaluation
Jenn DodwellDarwinian Evolution: To What Extent Does it Apply to Man?
Julia SmithThe Evolution of the Modern American Lesbian Community
Julia SmithThe N-Word: Past Meaning and Contemporary Questions
Julia SmithEvolution and Creationism: Separate Similar Searches
Julia SmithOn Beauty: Joseph Chaikin, the Open Theater, and Postmodern American Theater
kaleigh19Intertextuality and Literary Evolution
kaleigh19Why Teleology?
Katherine RedfordMathematics and Being Less Wrong
Katherine RedfordLiterary Evolution as a Window into Social Evolution
Katherine RedfordUniversal Morality and the Attempt to Affect Evolution
Kristin JenkinsThe Story of Race and the Classification of People: Generative or Not?
Kristin JenkinsThe Future of Human Evolution
Kristin JenkinsMind Wide Open - A Book Review
Kristin JenkinsLost in Translation
LFIs man tampering with evolution?
llimFemales in the 16th and 21st Century: Gender Perception in Literature
llimTrial and Error: Humans as Evolutionary Mistakes
llimEvolution as a Religion
LSWestern Society: Do We Control Natural Selection?
LSEvolution of Sex in Literature
LSIn Evolution We Trust
LSE True Hollywood Stories: The Three Little Pigs
Mariellyssa WenkEvolution: Not Inevitable After All?
Mariellyssa WenkLooking At Dennett's Meaning of Meaning of life
Mariellyssa WenkCulture, Characters and Evolution
marquisedemerteuilIs Zadie Smith's "Fail Better" a compelling way to view literature?
marquisedemerteuilEvolution of the Author/Subject in Sophie Calle's Exquisite Pain
marquisedemerteuilTheories of Cultural Evolution in an 18th Century French Novel
marquisedemerteuilFinal Paper! Intentionality and Authorship in Barthes, Foucault and Smith
marquisedemerteuilFirst EvoLit Paper, Specifying the Self in Smith and Mayr
PriyadarshiniInteresting Article - Chimps making Weapons (At least the female chimps)
PriyadarshiniCan Evolution Evolve?
rebeccafarberThe evolution of humor and how it impacts evolution
rebeccafarberThe subconscious and conscious adaptation and evolution of literary stories
rebeccafarberHuman impact on evolution
SarahMalayaSniezekEvolution and Intelligent Design in High Schools
SarahMalayaSniezekBuilding Diversity: When a Diverse Student Body isn’t Enough
SarahMalayaSniezekHow Groups Work: A Study of Group Dynamics and its Possible Negative Implications
SarahMalayaSniezekThe Evolution of Morality: A Skyhook versus Crane Approach
ShannonYou Want Concrete? Hire a Construction Worker!
ShannonWhat Evolution Is...
ShannonNew Stories of the Evolution of Science through the Media
ShannonInquiring Success through Stories: "Curiouser & Curiouser"
ShannonGenius Loci: Connecting People, One Story at a Time
StudentEvolving from a Classroom
StudentThoughts on Thoughtlessness
StudentWhere's the Emotion? The Forgotten/Left Out of Biological Basic Needs
tbarryfiguTrial, Error, and Polymorphism
tbarryfiguWe Refuse To Be Each Other
tbarryfiguBeyond Beauty and Beasts
ttruongUniversals, Particulars, and Defining a Species
ttruongEmpathy and Social Failure
Tu-Anh VuA Reductionist Viewpoint on Evolution
Tu-Anh VuDarwinian Evolution in On Beauty
Tu-Anh VuThe Evolutionary Basis of Sleep
Tu-Anh VuViewing the Story of the Development of the Periodic Table as “Getting it Less Wrong”