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Feingold Gallery: A Disabled Doctorate Student Comes Out

Feingold Gallery:
A Disabled Doctorate Student Comes Out



The design of this gallery is aimed at encouraging conversation involving both immediate and reflective thought, individual and collective. Rather than starting by reading comments of others, please first put your own immediate thoughts in the on-line forum below. This way, we'll all be able to see how much similarity and difference there is in our initial reactions and interpretations of the images. Then go back to see what others have said about this image and add whatever new thoughts you have as a result of that. More general thoughts about the collection of images and/or this exhibit as a whole are welcome in the on-line forum on the exhibit home page.



hether's picture

INTENSE preparation

INTENSE preparation

Anonymous's picture

I get a sense of being

I get a sense of being trapped and isolated from this picture, almost like being trapped or held back by an experience or some other issues. The picture on the door is that issue. Kind of scary

Monique Burchell's picture

The photograph on the door

The photograph on the door is there to deceive people into thinking
a frightening aberration of humanity lives within, whereas in reality an
extraordinarily beautiful person is imprisoned.....

sbs's picture

Deep from within his world of isolation

The way I see it.

Deep from within his world of isolation, he is peering out of his protective self imposed jail cell. As do most students of extreme isolation, he constantly invalidating then revalidating his environment to keep his foundation intact. I don't think he's coming out either, his complacency holds him there.

Martin's picture

I think the student dislikes

I think the student dislikes himself or his work, perhaps that is why it is hidden behind the cellar door?
Ljones's picture

I've heard of students who

I've heard of students who refer to themselves as "lab rats" and who have stayed in their building for more than 48 hours at a time... I can only imagine that after years of that, one could start to feel ugly. Is it scary that this doesn't deter me from further schooling?
ryan g's picture

My interpretation:  Someone

My interpretation:  Someone is not happy about the work they are doing.  It seems they are doing it to please someone else.  Perhaps it makes them feel ugly. 
mstokes's picture


The disabled doctoral student's coming out--if the door can indeed open--seems an equally troubling and disturbing vision as the student's staying locked up.  But perhaps that vision, which remains closed off to the viewer, is mistaken--and the open door would offer release from the pain.  
akerle's picture

This is ugly, more like the

This is ugly, more like the unleashing of a monster than the freedom to be oneself. Is this the fear of the artist or the observer?
kmanning's picture


Like the "tortured student soul" imagine, the barren door and photo represent an isolation from the world and from other people. He feels he is working towards his goal alone, as a result of being different, and being recognized as such.
Sophie F's picture

More doors are shut to this

More doors are shut to this person than open, in his perception. There is a sense of isolation and self-loathing.
ysilverman's picture

But is he really coming out?

But is he really coming out? I just see a photo on the door. Where is he?
merry2e's picture

first thought was

first thought was frankenstein and feeling misunderstood. then i wanted to know what was on the other side of the door.
Laura Cyckowski's picture

I’m drawn to the picture

I’m drawn to the picture of the disfigured face. I think it represents an internal feeling of ugliness and dissatisfaction. Being worn down mentally by oneself. One’s own enemy.
Paul Grobstein's picture

disabled student comment

Very glad he did come out. Hope he can feel the appreciation for who he is, what's he's done. And that that, in turn, makes him feel better about himself.
Paul Grobstein's picture

Comes out comment

(posted for a friend)

Me locked all up inside.

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