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This week I decided to move my on campus site to the student garden. It is not the BMC Green Club gardening time, just a chilly Sunday afternoon. The weather was extremely cold. A big proportion of the mud ground is exposed, for only about one-third of the vegetation in the garden survived both the frosts and Sandy. I could neither sit on the cold bench nor stand like a scarecrow in the garden but keep walking in circles on the narrow aisles between the beds. I kept my feet off the bed in case the club already planted seeds and kept my body away from the cardboard fences because as a child I was injured by a metal-framed cardboard that fell on my leg on a windy day. I walked carefully because both the seeds and my body are fragile. Frugality - not only the frugality of human but also the frugality of the environment - creates the gap between human and the nature surroundings. It only takes a meteoroid to devastate the ecosystem of the earth and eliminate the dinosaurs. It also only takes the “intelligence” of one earth specie to irresistibly change the climate that determines the fate of millions of other species. Without seeing rows of trees being cut down, people just go on wasting paper every day without even thinking it is the flesh of the trees. Without reading the radical essays of the environmentalists, people will not hesitate to take the “usefuls”: water, wood, mineral from earth and toss back the “unusefuls” garbage, wastes, contaminates. Without the comfort view of human creations, when nature is right in front in its barren state, people couldn’t help feeling guilty for what human have done to the fragile and vulnerable earth.