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Let us begin this endless journey...

The initial purpose of this page was to explore and identify grant resources relative to a two fold study. One aspect of this study funding deals with our brain. The second focuses on diversity.


I. Brain Study Grants:  Dana Organization, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grants, International Brain Research Organization, Parkinson Study Grants via Johns Hopkins University.

II. Diversity Study Grants:  Diversity in Higher Education via Prin

Princeton University, Hewlett Packard Global Grant, South Africa Global Grant, Southern Poverty Law Center and Teaching Tolerance Grant.


The Organics of Organics

As my story continues to unfold, the initial purpose remains in tact, with the intent to seek grant funding sources, however the focus has been more clearly defined.  Having recently developed a program for environmental responsibility through education, funds to palnt a community organic garden are being sought.  This opportunity will enable my community neighbors to reap the benefits of fresh and healthly produce, herbs, and flowers; as they learn to garden for themselves, thus yielding them the ability to sustain their family (which is an essential skill in the face of an emergency.  From planting to canning, the Art of Organic Gardening emerges through Sovereign Organics.




I am currently studying for my Doctorate in Nautropathic Medicine and Ministry.  Thus I realize the linkage between my Ministry in Medicine and my profession as an Educator.  This journey has revealed the mantle on my life as an Ambassador with an emphasis on administration.


Concurrently, I have design a leadership program called, "The Spirit of Excellence".  In my quest to secure a property to launch Sovereign Ambassador Estate, I have developed a program to support those in ministry through a respite offering rest, refreshing, and regrouping.

Just a the beauty of the Calla Lily {one of my two favorite flowers} my journey and its purpose continually unfolds, opens, refines get it more right and wrong, more specific and less general.



As I refine and refine again the purpose driving my healing respite, it emerged in this class that the body will not renew holistically, if the brain does not as well.  Thus:  Soul, Mind, and Body Emergence.

People often speak of going on vacation to the beach where their space and time will not be invaded by communication devices of any type (phones, the media, computers, fax machines, etc.).  There is true merit to this spoken word.  Humans are so conditioned to 'have to respond' and must do do immediately...or the world / their world will unravel.  In reality, it really will not.

However, the soul, mind, and body constantly feeling, moving, and malfunction at some or many points without significant and purposeful 'shut down' time to recharge its many internal batteries.       

Research proves that sleep allows the brain to, not sleep, but rather 'catch up' with all the brain input since the last time the body was 'sleep'.  Although there is evidence that the brains slows down when the body is sleep, it remains at work.  This begs the question that if the brain sleeps, does the body die?

Looking at the first picture, noting that the spectrum legend reads active (top, red) to resting (bottom, purple), we realize the small amount of activity in the frontal lobe (red) as the brain reflects the remainder of the body at rest (yellow, green, blue, and purple).

It comes as no surprise that blue, representing water, is identified as the majority of the brain when the body is in rest mode.  Notice, too, how much less the water comparision is obvious when the other 3 modes are active.  Therefore, this supports the case that the more active we are the more hydrated we need to be.  This is true whether we are engaged in music, exercising, preaching, teaching, cleaning, driving, cooking, etc.


Advertisement/Opening The Many Boxes the way...

Since I first began these sessions in 1997, many boxes have opened for me.  Last June I was Ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus The Christ our Savior.   This June I was awarded a Doctorate of Divinity.  Both of these were moments of humility and WOW for me, at the same time.  Well, having earned my 1st and 2nd level certifications as a Naturopathic Consultant, specializing in the healing benefits of natural and organic farming, food, and all works together when the body opens the boxes of rest inconjunction with those of superior nutrition.

We must open the box that it is more responsible financially and environmently for us maintain a quality balance of life by putting good food in our body, as well as good clothes on our body.  Eat nautral fibers.  Wear natural fibers.

More boxes to open...Food and Nutrition for the Brain

"One cannot think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well."  Virginia Woolfe

Thank you Lucinenne M. Davis, a co-educator participant in the Serendip Brain and Behavior seminar at Bryn Mawr College ~ Summer 2009, for asking the question about the effects of food and nutrition for the brain.  This is a timely segue for how the products of the organic garden and whole foods support our physical symphony as it is conducted via inputs and outputs of the brain.


Supporting students, regardless of age or any other variable, is what we do as their advocates.

Building Self Esteem via Survival Skills and Vice Versa


Teasing Your Brain, Following Directions, and the fun of it an excellent way of engaging students, intoducing a new lesson / topic, and keeping them alert over the holidays and vacation.

Here is a sampling!  Enjoy and use!  By the way, parents/guardians and siblings get in the groove too!  Go family!  The family that learns together learns together.


Follow the Directions - 1

Can You Follow Directions?

1. Read this entire list carefully before doing anything else.

2. Get out a blank sheet of paper.

3. Put your name in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Write the word "name" and circle it.

5. Draw five small squares in the upper left-hand corner.

6. Put an "X" in each square.

7. Sign your name under the title of this paper.

8. Write sentence number seven above and put a circle completely around it.

9. Put an "X" in the lower left-hand corner of the page.

10. Draw a triangle around the word "corner".

11. On the back of the paper, add 75 and 13.

12. Loudly call out your first name (for motivation) when you get this far.

13. If you think you have carefully followed directions to this point call out, "I have" (for self-affirmation).

14. On the reverse side of the paper, subtract 12 from 69.

15. Count backwords to yourself from 10 to 1.

16. Say "I am a leader in following directions".

17. Write all of the even numbers in this list on the page.

18. Say "I am nearly finished and I have followed directions."

19. Now that you have finished reading the entire page do only sentence number two. If you have already completed any of the other tasks in the list, you failed to follow directions and failed the test. Remember following directions involves reading each item carefully starting with the first sentence (it stated "read the entire list before doing anyting else.")


Follow the Directions - 2


Life Magazine Brain Teasers


...and don' forget those ambiguous figures...








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Community Grants Funding 2010

As I continue this journey, it continues to unfold as the petals of a Rose.  The more I pull back the layers, the more refined and defined my center (purpose) becomes.  Now seeking funding to refurbish two inner city properties, community grants have become a viable source of potential funds.  As with any endeavor, pulling back the layers of even this is a cumbersome process.  Often, the layers yield a process not suited to the needs of my particular program, so…the process begins again with yet another funding source/other funding sources.  This is the science of progression for my endeavors.

What this institute reinforces is that the process is never ending, if we truly keep seeking answers and solutions to that which we seek.  Many of the avenues that are available to investigate are often laden with loopholes which exempt me from the prize…the actual funding.  What I always learn in this process is what does not work, which keeps me from going in circles, allowing me to move forward by going to the next opportunity.

Philanthropy, it’s very nature, it to screen and weed to get to a specific target.  The match must be exact, and the slightest mark outside of the template is an unforgiving (and often thankless) disqualification.  This is often the case with science and mathematics.  As I seek new and varied grants, all within the confines of my immediate and extended goals, the breadth and depth of my options are as numerous as they are specific.

Some of the sources of my search are via the following links:

These are just a few of the MANY organizations that are available to fund community support efforts; in my case, I am seeking to reduce inner city blight.


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Grant Proposal for Materials

The most valuable way for me to utilize the materials' funding is via professional development, for which the budget is extremely limited. Actually, this funding would be divided into 2-3+ catagories.

The first, professional development, is time provided to inform educators about the importance of physical and mental rest, which will provide obvious emotional relief. In laying this ground work, understanding would be given on as the body sleeps the brain 'plays catch up' as it continues to process all it has taken in since the body last awoke. This institute would be referenced as a link to my entries to-date on the body and brain resting.

The second, equipment for demonstration, would be to purchase a portable CD player which includes natural sounds to assist the listener in relaxing their whole body, especially their mind; as well as purchasing 'Mozart for Children' as a suggestion of music to be played during an independent reading lesson for example, to help focus and settle the students (Pre-K to 12th). Reaching a state of tranquillity might not be appropriate for a professional development, although certainly demonstrating techniques that may be implemented for 15 minutes of prep time or 1/2 hour in your closed office would serve as tension relief and meaningful time to re-group. Additionally, this demonstration encourages the educator to relax at home, especially at bed time, for a more peaceful and balanced sleep; while at the same time suggesting that the evening news be veiwed in place of the nightly broadcast, or at least not the last activity you experience before going to bed and to sleep.

The third, providing (non-composition book) journal samples, to encourage educators to write for reflection that which they are realizing as a result of being quiet in the midst of their day and sleeping more restfully during their nights. Of course, it is important to write how this may be a challenge as well; and how they are endeavoring to overcome the challenges. This journal is for their personal use, however, in subsequent professional development sessions they may want to share some of their experiences in time allotted for this. Note: educators give journals to their students, yet may not take advantage of utilizing them personally.

The fourth, purchase rest and sleep DVDs, for use in these sessions to provide greater understanding from professionals in this field of study. This tools would be utilized in time scheduled for these sessions only, with the 2-3 'free' professional development sessions allowed, dedicated for this purpose.

Thank you for providing this institute to explore these areas of interest and need. Thank you for the funds to purchase supports to extend what we have explored, learned, and are willing to share with others.

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Jim and Marykathryn Potter, Teachers and Owners

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Fleur de Teach

Hi Jim,
You may remember that you returned my call several weeks ago about my not being able to view several of the products listed on your site w/o pictures. You stated that you were in the process of adding the pictures and that you would contact me when they were posted; suggesting I check back ever so often in the meantime.

I meant no harm in using this great picture for a seminar I am involved in, every Summer or so with Bryn Mawr College. The Fleur de Lys happens also to be the logo for my Christian Ministry.

I do not know Deidre and Dahlia, but I see that (at your request probably, probably someome from Bryn Mawr in some type of authority, although w/o contacting me to edit) your 'Fleur de Teach' has been removed from my 'blog'.

Please inform me how I may garner approval to use your 'Fleur de Teach' w/o adversity from you, for the college and/or myself, for this school teacher/administrator based program.

Please forgive any infringement/violation.

God bless you and thanks.