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Planning for our next class, on Nov. 22

Anne Dalke's picture

Anne will print off/bring in the memos to get us/materials into Riverside
each of us will send to Hayley a paragraph we've selected for discussion
Hayley will select one of these and make 15 copies (for the black out poetry exercise)
everyone will bring the sharpies they have (also black crayons?)
Sara will bring multiple copies of the code-switching article;
Hayley will bring all remaining copies of Life on the Outside, along with extra paper and pencils

Lesson Plan:
I. Sasha:
welcoming everyone, getting them to put on nametags,
finding out who read how much of the book, and inviting a
general sharing of what folks liked/didn't like/noticed/want to talk about...

II. Sara: asking everyone to find a quote they would like us to talk about,
and then managing the sharing (go around and read these aloud?)

III. Anne: leading a discussion about the ideas that emerge from these passages
(keeping the ones we've named--gender and power, intersectionality,
code switching, zero sum game--in mind, but being open to what else wants to emerge...)

IV. Hayley: introducing another way to 'get at' these ideas: blackout poetry!

V. Looking forward
--Sara distributes copies of her article about code-switching
(anyone else can bring in another handout if they'd like...
we want to keep 'seeding' the class with theory!)
--Anne tells everyone to read the remainder of the book,
focusing on (not sure--could continue to be the same themes of
gender and power, intersectionality, code switching, zero sum game--
or on others that have emerged during the conversation...)
--mention that this will be our last session for the "semester,"
w/ plans to return in January....