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This Week's Work: Feb. 14th – Feb. 21st

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Friday (Feb. 14th): 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Spontaneous Substitute Field Trip to
 the Shonibare exhibit @ the Barnes Foundation (see also Shonibare's webpage)

Please remember your binoculars if you have not yet returned them!

Sunday (Feb. 16th):

ENGL: (By 5pm) post a paragraph--or a few--about your experience of Shonibare's work (tag it “English,” 
and post it as a comment in response to others', if your observation connects with theirs in some way).

Monday (Feb. 17th):

ECON: See post

EDUC: (For class) Read Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education, Greenwood, Manteaw, and Smith, chapter 6; Bowers, “Steps to the Recovery of Ecological Intelligence”; Gardner, Linking Activism, chap. 4 (password-protected file)  

ENGL: discussion of our trip to the Shonibare exhibit, with Ava Blitz: critique of our documentations and reactions

Tuesday (Feb. 18th):

EDUC: **Children’s lit project due @ 11:59 pm posted on serendip:  Select one or several children’s/young adult’s (chapter) books and do an interpretive reading of the text(s) in terms of children, ‘the environment’/’nature’ and the relationship between children and their environments/nature.  Include a synopsis of the text(s) along with your analysis of its significance in relation to ecological thinking.

Wednesday (Feb. 19th):

ECON: See post

EDUC: Read Arregun-Anderson & Kennedy, “Deliberate Language Planning in Environmental Education” (password-protected file)

ENGL: Ava's introduction to other eco-artists, to an eco-artist assignment, and to the first creative project (both due March 24)

Friday (Feb. 21st):

ECON: See post


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