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Econ 136: Week 5 Tasks

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ECON 136:  Week 5 Tasks 

Monday:  Catch Up Class

I worry that we’ve been pressing too much.   I want a chance to address any technical glitches you’ve run into in working with your preferred spreadsheet, drawing and word processing software.   I want to finish talking about the gains from voluntary exchange and I want to get your thoughts about the economic way of inducing cooperative resource allocation. 

Preparing for class:

Review your notes, make progress on Opportunity Cost paper  due Wednesday night.

Wednesday:  Demand and Surplus         

            Preparing for Class

            Read Taylor Ch. 8, pp. 154-158

            Read Taylor Ch. 4, pp.  59-64, 81-82

Before you retire Tuesday night (or by 3am  Wednesday)

            Complete the Demand and Surplus problem set in Sapling Learning 

By Wednesday night (or 3am Thursday), save your Opportunity Cost Memo (assignment attached) to your class Dropbox folder 

Friday:    Supply, profit and rent 

            We meet at 10:10 in Dalton 25 as usual 

            Preparing for Class

            Read Taylor,Ch. 4, pp. 68-70, 81-82 (again)

            Read Taylor Ch. 10, pp. 187-188, 196-199

            Watch this student YouTube video on Economic Rent

Before you retire Thursday night (or by 3am  Friday)

            Complete the Voluntary Exchange problem set in Sapling Learning


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