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Reflections Thus Far

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            While reflecting on our class and my engagement with it thus far, I realized how much more I’ve been second-guessing my thoughts and viewpoints about education and class in the U.S. The way I approach this subject has definitely evolved and I suspect I will continue to change my attitudes and opinions of education. This “re-thinking” process really works for me. I tend to always find classes that challenge my viewpoint and push our conversations very engaging and think it’s an important aspect of any class. Something that has not been working very well for me is the weekly papers and my writing and I focused a lot of my paper on my issues with that. I also wrote on my personal participation and engagement with the class.

            Something that I think is not currently working well is our Serendip forum. I think it’s very easy for each of us as individuals to do our own posts and ignore the others online. I’ve noticed quite a bit of posting by a few individuals and very little from others. I view our online forum as a way to continue our conversation in class and help those who didn’t speak up in class communicate their viewpoints; however, right now it seems that the most active participants online are the also the ones who speak the most in class (at least from the section I’m in). However, I understand that people’s engagement can depend on the subjects in class and on the forum, as well as on all the stuff we have to do outside of this class. I think our forum only really works if the majority of people engage with others and post entries other than those that are required. This is something that I think we need to work on a whole class.