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Crossing the Border

Susan Anderson's picture

This is a visualization of how groups of buildings at Bryn Mawr relate to the general flow of activities. It is from the website of the company that updated Bryn Mawr's layout. This image caught my eye because it spoke to the part of my brain that likes to categorize things in order to understand them.  I like how the colors define the places of purposeful activity, but that the white spaces, or Terra Incognita, serve as places where we are free to wander.  I have chosen as my spot the place near the labrynth where we met for class on Tuesday.  It is a nice place just over the border between the defined, colored parts of this map and the blank Terra Incognita.  It is secluded, but I do not feel cut off from the world.  It has wonderful natural aspects to gaze at, but it is not strictly wilderness.