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Collaborative Memory

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My name is Julia, and I am a senior East Asian Studies major.  This is my first English class since CSEM, which makes me feel kind of old, since I don't think it's even called CSEM anymore.  

I thought Kakutani's article "Text Without Context" had some interesting points in regards to the way digital media is changing the way people view the world.  "More people are impatient to cut to the chase, and they're increasingly willing to take the imperfect but immediately available product over a more thoughtfully analyzed, carefully created one." (3)  The immediacy of the internet seems to have given people much more control in how they interpret events, and perhaps it also changes the way events are remembered because people might not be getting the whole story.  Kakutani seems to be against the idea of rushing to make conclusions, but I think that with the ever-changing nature of the internet, it might be even harder than before to come to a solid conclusion about anything, since the "facts" are always being updated.  



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