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Mississippi Damned

About the Film
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This lusciously photographed period piece set in a lower class southern community in 1986 and 1998, showcases writer-director Tina Mabry's ability to handle the complexities of an ensemble drama with her very first feature. An impoverished black family (including David Malcolm Kelley, who plays Walt on ABC's "Lost") copes with dreams of greater ambitions. Whether confronting sexual tensions (in one case, a latent homosexual relationship) or monetary woes, the characters in "Mississippi Damned" represent the voice of a discontented people, which comes through loud and clear.

~Eric Kohn, IndieWire

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Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
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Their independently built production company called Morgan’s Mark, founded in 2007, produced The film. The company is dedicated to works that reflect the experiences of a variety of marginalized groups, proving that there is a place for those realities within mainstream media.
Categories About the Film
coming of age
period drama
coming of age
domestic violence
sexual abuse
Racial/Ethnic Affiliation: 
African American
Filmmaking Team
Writer's Name: 
Tina Mabry
Lee. V. Stiff, Morgan R. Stiff
Bradford Young
Primary Cast: 
Tonea Stewart, Adam Clark, Malcolm Goodwin, Malcolm David Kelley, Jossie Thacker, Tessa Thompson, Simi Khali, D.B. Woodside, Chasity Kershal Hammitte, Kylee Russell, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Michael Beasley, Donna Biscoe, Southey Blanton
Exhibition/Distribution Info
Morgan's Mark
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Streaming (Netflix or other online sites)
  • Special Jury Award in Narrative Breakthrough- 2009 Atlanta Film Festival
  • Jury Award for best American Independent Film – 2009 Philly Film Festival
  • Jury Award Best Feature Film and Screenplay- 2009 Chicago Int’l Film Festival
  • Jury award for Best Supporting Actress to Jossie Harris Thacker - 2009 Chicago International Film festival
  • Grand jury award for Narrative Feature Film at 2000 American Black Film Festival
  • Grand jury award for Best Actor (Tessa Thompson) – 2009 American Black Film Festival
  • Grand jury award for Outstanding Dramatic Feature at 2009 Outfest Film Festival
  • Jury award for best Narrative Feature Film 2009 urban world Film Festival
  • Audience award for Narrative Feature Film at 2009 Newfest Film Festival


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