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Harriton House!

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It seemed as if the weather was beckoning us to ditch the vans and go for a nice walk in the sun. It’s amazing how dependent my mood has become on the weather, but I loved walking off campus with the rest of the group and David to Harriton house. I could feel spring just around the corner, trying to come out. I made a sheep friend, that we named Sheldon! He was very sweet and he loved posing in pictures with us. We even took a selfie with him! Or should I say “shelfie”. His friend was a little sassier, and we named her Petunia. After wandering around for a little and observing. I sat down on the ground and closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds around me. David pointed out the signs of “humans” still in nature, when we would hear the occasional sound of a car, or the sound of machinery.  But there were points where it was quiet enough to hear the trees rustling and the soft sounds of the sheep and the not so soft sounds of the chickens could be heard. I kept thinking about how tall the trees were and how happy they looked. I’m glad they were standing tall and strong, after a tough winter.  I loved this impromptu trip, I loved David’s willingness to take us somewhere locally, and I definitely intend on making a trip back to Harriton house soon!