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Women in Walled Communities: Silence, Voice, Vision, Take 2


A  cluster of three courses in a new 360°
which focuses on the constraints and
agency  of individual actors
in the
institutional settings of women's
colleges and prisons.

Bryn Mawr College, Fall 2012

Education 260: Learning in Institutional Spaces
(Jody Cohen, TTh 12:45-2:15)

This course considers how two “walled communities,” the institutions of schools and prisons, operate as sites of learning.  Beginning with an examination of the origins of educational and penitential institutions, we examine how these institutions both constrain and propel learning, and how human beings challenge and change their surrounds.

English 2xx: Silence -- The Rhetorics of
Class, Gender, Culture and Religion
(Anne Dalke, TTh 2:15-3:45)

This English course will consider silence as a rhetorical art and political act, an imaginative space and expressive power that can serve many functions, including that of opening new possibilities among us. We will share our own experiences of silence, re-thinking them through the lenses of how it is explained in philosophy, enacted in classrooms, and performed by various genders, cultures and religions.
GenSt 2xx: Acting in Prison:
Vision as Resource for Change
(Barb Toews, F 1-4)

This course uses the theme of vision to explore the context and consequences of mass incarceration, daily experiences inside correctional institutions and social movements inspired by incarcerated individuals. Students will explore and apply course materials in campus-based classes and in classes with incarcerated women inside a correctional facility.