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Neurobiology and Behavior Web Papers II

Students in Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available via links from the index below to encourage further exploration by others having similar or related interests. All papers have associated on-line forums for continuing conversation.

aeraeberThe Clash of Logic and Emotion
AndyMittelmanThe Neurological Side of Firewalking
Caroline HFood, Physiology, and Psychology
ColetteMindwandering and Boredom
Congwen WangFat on the Belly: Whose Business?
cschoonoverThe Bionic Arm
dvergaraAltering Consciousness: The power of meditation and hypnosis
egleichmanTraumatic Stress: A Chemical Approach
emilyTo See Without Sight
ewippermannA Philosophy to Match the Science
gloudonDo Lobsters have I-Functions?
Hannah Silverblank“An Artificial and Most Complicated World”: Reading and Writing the Brain
hmarciaThe Personality and the Brain
Jeanette BatesThe Origin of Religion and Spirituality
JJLopezPostpartum Depression and Child Neglect
kdilliplanKeep Calm and Carry On: Now Panic and Freak Out Expected vs. Actual Inputs and the Perception of Pain
kgouldRifts in Time
KwarlizzleThe Collective I-Function
Lauren McDAcupuncture's Mysticism United With Science
lfrontinoCentral Pattern Generators and Athlete Training
mcchenYoga and the I-function
mcurrieChild Trauma and the Hippocampus
MELThe Relationship between Compulsive Hoarding Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
merobertsNeural Network Rewiring: You can achieve it if you believe it
molivaresPerfect Pitch: A Central Pattern Generator Leftover?
natmackowConcussions in athletes: to play or not to play
RavenDreams: Seeing without seeing
RikiWhat Happens When the Brain "Farts" and Why Does It Matter?
rkirloskarExploring the Avian Brain
Saba AshrafSleep Paralysis
SchmeltzThe Scientific Approach: A Spiritual Journey
skimWallowing in Winter SAD-ness
smkaplanTime to Learn
sophie b.Antidepressant use in adolescents
Vicky TuThe Cause of Aggression
xhanA Threat to One's Ego
ymlMemory and Lie: Brain Fingerprinting