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Anxiety, Society, and the Brain

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Neural Network Rewiring: You can achieve it if you believe it

As we have discussed in class, the brain is continuously evolving and creating new connections between neurons. These connections make everyday life possible. If humans, or animals in general, were incapable of creating outputs without inputs, they would not be able to creatively solve problems and adapt to new environments. Clearly, this is not the case given that modern homo sapiens have survived approximately 60,000 years of life on Earth (ScienceDaily, 2004). Thus, it is a fact that human brains have evolved to enable neural plasticity, or the ability to reorganize neuronal structures and create new connections between neurons. The question remains as to how the plasticity of the brain is maintained. How is it that neurons can create these new connections?

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Neurological Correlates of Transsexuality

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Taming the Anxious Brain

Neural and Behavioral Sciences Senior Seminar

Bryn Mawr College, Spring 2010

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