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Book Review: "Inevitable Illusions"

 “The Eyes sees what it sees, even when we know what we know”(P17).

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Dolphin's Cognitive Abilities

 Dolphins are my favorite animals, partly because of their extra-cute appearances: “friendly smile”, little flippers, and sleek and shiny body. But their intelligence is what amazes me the most. I once watched a video about dolphin training. I remember in one of the training sessions, the trainer asks the dolphin to go grab a ball from a basket, yet there is no ball in that basket. So the dolphin takes back the empty basket with him to show the trainer and presses the “No” button available. In another session, the trainer gestures two dolphins to perform two simple tricks then gestures them to perform the two tricks in one action. The dolphins immediately perform a combination of the two tricks without the trainer teaching them how.

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The Cause of Aggression

 There has been an enormous amount of violence committed by humans throughout our history, like the Nazis, serial killers, or simply the abusive husbands. The questions are: What causes all these atrocious behaviors? What is going on in the brain of these people as they cruelly push a knife into the flesh of another innocent human being who looks and thinks like themselves? Is it in all of us to commit such crimes? Finding out the answers to these questions is essential to the future prevention of violence.

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The Shyness of Brain

 In the current society, personality plays a large role in the society. People are often judged by their characters as much as their appearances. The ones with an outgoing and assertive personality are usually the favored ones who are more loved and respected by others. The shy ones are often ignored and misunderstood and become more self-abased.  Yet shy people should not be blamed for their particular personality. According to recent studies, shyness is naturally built into our brain. It is a mechanism for dealing with stresses. There are also researches, which show that too much shyness is caused by genes.

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