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Eureka Moments: When We Finally See Things as They Truly Are.

In my last paper I spoke of the collective I-function, and how culture is one of the most enduring examples of the collective I-function. This paper is also about the collective I-function, and how it can go horribly wrong. My thoughts are inspired by the discussions we had in class about color, colorblindness, wavelength and perception, and also by a very recent BBC documentary called Welcome to Lagos.
    Africans, including myself complain bitterly about the way Africa is portrayed in Western Media. Usually, only stories of poverty war and disease are shown. It is so bad that when I am walking on the streets of America and I tell someone I’m African, they are shocked that I “can speak English so well.” It’s ridiculous for two main reasons.

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The Collective I-Function

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Pain: Dickinson versus Descartes

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