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Exploration of I-function Empowerment

In my current reality, my I-function is disempowering.  At this moment, I want nothing to do with myself.  I do not want to be the storyteller.  I do not want my own construction of reality, but rather I desperately want to be free from my own experience of things.  Why do I feel so limited and negative?  Why can I not deal with what is out there?  In my head, destructive pictures are being composed and self-deprecating thoughts are being concocted.  Of course I hate this reality.  Of course I want empowering images of what is out there and empowering ideas infiltrating my head.  In this current state, more than anything, I want to feel like I did those mornings runni

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The Scientific Approach: A Spiritual Journey

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Emily Dickinson: A Spiritual Materialist

I think To Live – may be a Bliss
To those who dare to try -
Beyond my limit – to conceive -
My lip – to testify -    

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