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360 Intro Fun Times

aphorisnt's picture

Hey, folks! So I think this is the part where I explain my user and avatar and whatnot.

Well my username is actually the one I used for twitter when I used twitter (which lasted about a week, but there you have it). I had no idea what to put as my username because I'm really bad at coming up with usernames–I can't do sudden creativity when put on the spot and under pressure, even if the pressure is imaginary–so I scoured the depths of my brain to come up with something interesting.

At that time, we'd been reading Oscar Wilde in my high school English class, so I had aphorisms and epigrams on the brain, and thus my username was born. I thought something to do with aphorisms would be kind of creative, and given the limited character form of expression that is twitter, something short and sweet like an aphorism seemed fitting. However, I am not Oscar Wilde (I only wish I could be that awesome), and I lack the ability to continually come up with witty sayings, hence the "isnt" portion.

As for the avatar, that photo is of a clothespin doll my cousin Addie made for me two summers ago. I'd been at San Diego Comic Con for the week and had to head home immediately on the last day to get to my grandparents' fiftieth anniversary party. I took the train north to Newport Beach, had my dad pick me up from the train station, and made my way to my grandparents' home. The thing was, I was still in my Nightwing cosplay. Addie thought it was the greatest thing and made a clothespin doll of me in my cosplay which I thought was really sweet. Also, as one who doesn't like to use pictures with my actual face for things online, a wooden clothespin likeness of me is about as close as I can and will get to showing me.