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More on Palin

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So I watched The Undefeated and The Game Change, which I thought were veryopposite of each other, almost like two extremes.

In The Undefeated, there was very much of that traditional "documentary film" feel to it. It felt too clean and organized, maybe a bit unsincere to what truely happened. When it got the the part where the narrators discussed the downfall of Palin in US opinions, the reasoned that it was because she was conservative. She got so much flack because she's conservative.

The Game Change, on the other hand, was a bit to gritty and far fetched. Not to say that I don't believe Palin had a easy time during campain, but The Game Change really made her out to be completly--dare I say-- hysteric. In this movie, one of the characters (maybe it was the Woody Harrelson) addresses Palin's antagonists as throwing out "totally sexist attacks", pointing to Palin's gender as the "problem" than people are seeing with her.

Honestly, I can't say that I disagree with The Game Change in pointing out that Gender was part of the reason she got a lot of hate from the Americans. I do think it was a factor, but I think The Game Change addressed it to an extreme. I sort of doubt that the campaign manager was surfing youtube to find a hot female politician to run with McCain to win. Both stories, though, seem very unrealistic to me.


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I agree!

I agree with your point that Palin “got a lot of hate from the Americans” because of her gender. Before watching The Undefeated I had (and still have) a negative impression for Palin, but the comment people made about her never bothered me. Although The Undefeated was incredibly problematic (speakers, filming, music, ect) I actually did feel some sympathy and anger (on behalf of women) after the beginning of the film. The documentary started out with clips of news reporters and other media saying nasty comments about Palin. I think that Palin should be scrutinized, but not for the reasons that these clips showed; instead of focusing on her politics people were focusing on her appearance and personal life. I was angered for the obvious reason, because the degrading comments made based on her appearance isn’t done towards male politicians.

         I thought the Undefeated was a pretty bad film and so incredibly biased without even trying to address the other side to Palin’s critics. This film didn’t really address any of Palin’s national political agendas, mostly only her work done in Alaska, so for a non-Alaskan I don’t think this film really informed me about anything I would be interested in. The film just wasn’t believable with its dramatic music and one-sided speakers. Although I only watched the trailer to The Game Change, I imagine that it is somewhat more realistic to telling Palin’s actual nature, seeing as she doesn’t seem to made out as a flawless hero.