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Observations and Interpretations of Bloodchild: fawei, MissArcher2, and rubikscube

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rubikscube: it was disturbing but that made it interesting. I noticed that Lomas had brown flesh, which surprised me because that wasn't how I had pictured him. In thinking about what the Tlic and the Terran actually are, we assume the Tlic are bugs but we didn't have a clear picture of the "humans." This reminded me of Twilight because of the reaction to human blood. Right from the beginning I thought of Kafka's Metamorphosis: is he a bug, is he not a bug? I don't know how relevant this is. 

MissArcher2: I assumed that Gan was a girl for some reason, and read the whole story that way, but when I found out he wasn't, the meaning of the story changed a lot for me. It made me think of a video game with two races where they are in opposition but the humans need the bug eggs for extra strength.

fawei: it is a lot less tactful than anything else I've read in an English class, it was very explicit. I noticed the car that was shaped for the bugs and not the people. 


rubikscube: REPRODUCTION! Or, expanded: maybe the point is that reproduction is about dependency and how you must reproduce at all costs. It's about taking advantage of others. 

MissArcher2: I wanted to root for the Terran to fight the Tlic and eradicate them, but it seemed more complicated than that. They both needed the other in some way. 

fawei: It seemed to be all about the shock factor of reading this. It touches on a lot of violent and sexual themes. 



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