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In the beginning of the party, Bryn sat in her seat. However, just a few minutes later, she kept standing up and sitting back down. Over time, she then began to move around her seat causing Mrs. G to tell her, "Please sit down." This continues for some time as Bryn's classmates are presenting their book reports. Eventually, Mrs. G makes Bryn to go next for her presentation. During the presentations, one could notice the distraction of Bryn standing up and down in her seat, as well as the shifting and moving of her body while at her chair. This caused a distraction to the other students sitting on the floor while they trying to pay attention to their classmates' presentations.

Three Pringles cans are placed on the desk to the right of Bryn. Even though Bryn had a snack a few minutes earlier than the book party, I noticed her gobbling the chips into her mouth one by one.  However, before gobbling them up, she first stared at them and then stuffed them in her mouth. During the party, she dropped her chips twice, but happily picked them up, looked at them, and chopped them right into her mouth, not caring that they fell on the floor.  However, the chips are not enough for her so she got up from her chair and walked "over" her classmates so that she could get to the other side of the classroom to take another cupcake. Mrs. G caught Bryn about to lick the icing and said, "NO!..NO!...Go over there and sit down. That's rude. You need to have self-control. Thank you. Trust me girlfriend want to pick that icing too, but I can't do it."Bryn kneeled on the floor with her arms over the seat. Her back is facing her teacher and her classmates. The Book Party resumes. 

In class, it is very difficult for Bryn to sit still in her seat even after a few minutes. It is important and somewhat necessary for Bryn to be able to sit. It is good that Bryn is able and allowed to take breaks during class, however, she goes out for a long time. In addition, she misses information during class. I was quite surprised at what Mrs. G said to Bryn, however, I do think it was necessary because it brings back to the idea of structure— home versus school. What kind of structure is Bryn getting at home? Is it compatible to what she is facing at school?

To me, as she moves on with her education, the courses that she will take -- the information and the material will become more important. Even though she is only in elementary school, what will happen to her in the future (in middle and high school)? I am curious about the structure Bryn is receiving at home compared to school. 

*Note: All names used in this journal entry are pseudonyms.