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Home and homelessness

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When defining home my first thought is my house back on Long Island with my family where I grew up and have lived for the past 20 years.  But home is not solely based on where you grew up, it is much more then that.  Home to me is just not a place, it is also people.  Whenever I am with my family or more friends I feel at home.  When I am on the soccer field I feel at home.  Bryn Mawr also is my home.  I have mutiple homes.  So when thinking about feeling homeless and experiencing that feeling it hard for me to understand.  I have left home and have gone to places on my own and I have felt homesick but that feeling of being homeless I never experenced.  No matter how far I go or where I end up, at least for now, I know my family and my friends will always be there for me.  So I may not have a house and stuck wondering the streets but as long as still have my family and friends to fall back on I don't think I will ever feel completely homeless.  


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What is home?

I very much agree. To me home is not a place. In fact, I never really know what to answer when people ask me where my home is. My home is based on people and the connections I have with them, wherever they are, I feel at home. Perhaps my lack of a physical home is because I've moved around quite a bit during my 20+ years. I never felt connected enough to a place to call it home, I also never trusted a place enough to call it home. The word trust is thrown around a lot in society. And it does come up often during conversations, even of not directly spoken, it wanders around in the shadows and we all know its there. For me, despite my trust issues, safety and trust both interact with how I define home. And that's part of the beauty of it, our home is special to each one of us (no matter how we chose to define it) because we make it ours and we each personally understand why it means so much to us.