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Small Late Night Link Offering for 3/18/12

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-Bitch is currently running a series of articles on their blog about fictional women in politics. Here are the first couple of articles. Considering our future discussions of conservative women in politics, I thought some of us might be interested to read them.

-Some more information about Pussy Riot, though admittedly not much more than what was presented in class. Here is their LJ, though it is in Russian so that is of debatable use to the class. This entry, however, is in English, apparently taken from an article when they were interviewed. They have a lot of comments on that entry, including more news clips of them. 

-Tigerbeatdown, the site I mentioned in class.

-A response to the essay "Gay Imperialism" that was removed from print due accusations of defamatory statements, and a download link to the PDF itself. The essay discusses using gay rights' and the idea of "liberating" non-white queer people as rationalization of continuing conflicts with predominantly Islamic countries.