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Feminism Anew...maybe?

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During our discussion, I mentioned a TED talk in which a woman discusses her feminism in relation to that of her mother's. This is one woman's definition of feminism. A new revolution, in my opinion, is happening--maybe one piece to fill the space left after Brown's feminism.

See video


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The feminist label. A stigma?

This thought-provoking TED talk brought up the idea of a feminist label. She asked by do women not claim their feminist label. Today's talks on feminism center around intersectionality and all the parts that make someone who they are, to me feminism is a part of that. Yet people will much more eagerly say they are African-American or queer or conservative than they will announce the feminist part of themselves. Does the word "feminism" hold a continued stigma in our society? What stigma might this be? Is feminism not main stream enough? Would feminism lose its momentum if it was mainstream? Is the feminism of today focused on the individual rather than a whole movement?