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Spock is Gay.

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Over break I stumbled upon this article while catching up on some light reading on a the website autostraddle. It is a website that primarily caters to lesbian and queer female audiences with material written by a similarly aligned writing staff. However, that does not mean that autostraddle doesn't often cover the full spectrum of lgbtq media, entertainment and social issue related events going on in the world. Their scope and attention can and does encompass more than lesbian exclusive interest pieces. This is how I came upon the piece about the "coming out" of actor Zachary Quinto. Much of what I saw in the autostraddle piece on Quinto pointed towards our class discussions on utopianisms and dystopias. Quinto wrote about an, "enormous shift of collective consciousness throughout the world.  we are at the precipice of great transformation within our culture and government." And yet he writes that his widespread, public coming out moment was precipitated by the recent suicide of gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer. It is hard for me to imagine coming anywhere near the utopian vision of Qunito when we are being bombarded with internalized hate crimes.

It is troublesome to be that Quinto uses the death of Jamey to propel him towards coming out... part of me is glad that he did it regardless of the circumstances but part of me wishes that he had done with without needed this horrible loss as a propellant. The article uses the example of celebrities non-hyped self-outings (i.e. Wanda Sykes, who "came out at a Marriage Equality rally in 2008 because it was the right thing to do and she did it.") as the optimal way for the greater gay community to profit from the individual's coming out.

Much of this reminded me of a film I saw at my summer internship. My site offered a sex positive film series program and we watched OUTRAGE, a documentary about closeted gay politicians in Washington and their overwhelming homophobic voting records. The film dealt with the issues of outing people and what the impact an outing can have for the gay community and beyond. I included the link for the film series and the link for the film itself below.