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Silence is loud

Fdaniel's picture

When there’s a crowd of people yelling and screaming the only person we seem to focus on past the yelling and screaming is the one that’s silent. We wonder how they’re processing what’s going on or what there thinking. We zone into there thoughts and try to figure out there feelings. They may be the quiet one but their silence is what draws attention. In this case Eva was subjected to sexual abuse and past her hurt and pain all I can focus on is her silence and what that means. Does it mean pain, anger, or sadness... The possibilities are endless. The silence screams attention to me and makes me again want to figure out what’s going on in her mind. However, I struggle within myself to understand whether her silence was actually a positive or negative thing. It seems as though her silence is what dug her in a deeper and deeper hole. She wouldn’t defend herself or share her feelings. In Eva's case silence may not have been the most empowering, privileged decision but rather the most damaging one.