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Field Trip to Morris Woods (March 24, 2010)

Anne Dalke's picture visit the grave of Mary James Vaux (niece of Alice, and publisher of her diary; Bryn Mawr College graduate and one-time resident-owner of English House), as well as the friendship bench (with its inscription, on the stone behind, from William James's The Varieties of Religious Experience!).

I went back the next day, to capture the legend on the double gravestone. It reads:

"Sacred to the memory of
Thomas Cochran and Margaret his wife,
who lived together most affectionately in the married State
more than half a Century.

Margaret Cochran departed this life the 21st September 1809
in the 80th year of her age
Thomas Cochran departed this life the 15th October 1814
in the 91st year of his age...."