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Reflection on Essay

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            I found this essay particularly challenging to write simply because I have no experience with writing a research essay based on personal interviews. Doing the interviews, for example, was completely new to me, but I found it to be a very rewarding experience because it gave me a chance to understand another person’s perspective on a subject that I felt I was struggling to comprehend fully. Interviewing three people provided me with three fresh perspectives about socioeconomic class perceptions based on working/not working on campus, and better enabled me to form my own informed opinion on the subject. Though my first interview was a bit awkward, I felt that I gained confidence as the interviews continued and the experience has taught me a lot about how to conduct interviews in the future.

            I think that, in terms of my essay itself, I still have a lot to learn about how to write a research/ interview oriented paper. While I did enjoy having the chance to combine all that I learned from my interviewees into one cohesive argument, I still feel that I could have done this better. It was difficult for me to do this, particularly because I think some of the questions I asked in my interviews were a bit too broad and I furthermore feel that I asked too many questions, so combining all of that information was a bit challenging. It would be my goal to spend more time trying to create a more cohesive argument out of such a vast amount of information, if presented with a similar project in the future.