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group thoughts - Rachel R, mkarol, spleenfiend

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We first discussed maybe connecting novels with graphic novels but then moved on to the idea of "themes of identity" because we thought it would easily address everyone's needs if we explored different mediums.  We could spend 1-2 week(s) on each thing depending on length of the work.  The only problem would be that it might be hard for people (or at least our group) who don't know much about graphic novels to know which ones would fit into a theme, so we thought our class could pick works, maybe?

We then considered somehow connecting a graphic novel, a movie (maybe science fiction), a contemporary novel, and a classic novel by a theme.  This would cover different mediums and time periods, and in addition to that, people could incorporate more works and genres into their online papers if they wanted to explore something else related to that theme.  We could also discuss even more works in class than just the assigned readings.

An order I think is logical is novel -> contemporary novel -> graphic novel -> movie.  Rachel R and mkarol liked novel (2 weeks) -> graphic novel (1 week) -> contemporary novel (2 weeks)-> movie (1 week) because it broke up the difficulty of the courseload.

Our ideas for themes included:
advancement of culture
exchange of ideas
personal boundaries

We thought some of these themes could easily be linked back to blogging and the things we discussed in the first part of the class.  Identity was the one we ultimately picked.

Anne suggested perhaps not having two novels but instead making one of them a memoir.


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I agree that the framework of incorporating a novel (or two), a graphic novel, and a film will allow us to explore one theme across multiple genres, as well as satisfy the interests and preferences of most of the class. If we were to focus on the theme of identity, I have a couple possible suggestions...In terms of films, Being John Malkovich and Memento are two good examples of recent films that explore personal identity in quite unusual and mind-bending ways. A contemporary novel that comes to mind is The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which brings up issues of identity within a bleak landscape in which civilization has collapsed...For example: what sort of identity is possible without a social structure in place? Is the father/son relationship in the book the only sustaining source of life and identification left? Who is good and who is evil, without a set morality in place? These are just some questions that could tie into the larger theme of identity.

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