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I am posting in support of some of the specific examples and ideas that were brought up in class.  I REALLY want to read things I haven't read before, so I don't have suggestions of my own, but some of the suggestions I heard sounded cool to me.  My favorite idea was the "international villains" concept, but I also liked the detective ideas.  I would be interested in reading the following:

original Sherlock Holmes + modern adaptations and detective stories of various mediums


Neil Gaiman graphic novels

I would be okay with reading something I've already read if we look at it in a very different light.  I feel like the villains concept mentioned was the farthest from anything I've ever encountered, since I've never noticed any opportunities to specifically study villains (maybe this opportunity exists; let me know if it does).   I don't even think I'd mind reading "high school books" if we took this perspective.  Maybe I'm not supposed to make a post like this, so I'm sorry if this is a yay-or-neigh post.  Feel free to comment on anything I've said; I'm posting this because I haven't found any other posts besides the "group summary" posts to write my response to.


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I would love to

I would love to read more by Neil Gaimon, maybe his graphic novel Mr. Punch: the Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy.  The title hints at the potential for some serious boundary stretching...

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