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since you're all thinking about self-representation this week

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...i thought you might be interested in (inspired/put off by?) this
animated version of Janis Joplan's final interview, on creativity and rejection....


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Joplin's Rejection

You're right--I am put off by this interview! It's because Joplin so explicitly rejects women, saying, for example: "If they need more, they'll get more." Joplin claims that if you "show me a good drummer, and I'll hire one," but, in the same five minute interview, she also says that she doesn't want other women to tour with her! This interview is in a really special place of both rejecting the idea of priviledge and also perpetuating it.

But, at the same time, while the attention seems to be on Joplin, the interviewer really isn't helping much--asking leading questions that positions Joplin against "women's lib" and never critiques her answers.