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Opportunity FYI for kids

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you can help me spread the word to any 13-17 year olds that you know (and their parents)... The MEERWALD is scheduled to leave on two awesome summer camps - July 20-24th from Liberty State Park to Beach Haven and July 27-31 from Beach Haven to Cape May. Each is a Monday through Friday with a special sail for the parents of the campers on Friday afternoon.

There are a bunch of spaces left and we are offering a $150 'Recession Discount' to anyone who books between now and the start of camp. Regularly $750, now $600 for 5 days and 4 nights of potentially life-changing experiences -- character building, challenging, educational and FUN!

Kids get to be in tune with their natural surroundings in a way that is nearly impossible in this digital age. At sea, they learn teamwork, environmental ethics and accountability all while experiencing life as it was in the age of sail - surrounded by beauty, accompanied by dolphins at times, learning the age old maritime skills practiced by our fore bearers for centuries. The schooner is a microcosm of the planet - serving as a hands on environmental/marine laboratory as days are framed by the wind, tides, weather and shipboard rituals.

In addition to the $150 off, there are several additional scholarships to kids willing to submit an application.

Please help me spread the word - I hate for these camps to go without a boatload of kids.


Meghan E. Wren
Executive Director
Bayshore Discovery Project
2800 High Street, Bivalve
Port Norris, NJ 08349
856.785.2060 x106