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Neurobiology and Behavior Web Papers III

Students in Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available via links from the index below to encourage further exploration by others having similar or related interests. All papers have associated on-line forums for continuing conversation.

aeraeberThe Beautiful Illusion: Alterations of Perception in Classical Ballet
AndyMittelmanYour Inputs are Lying: The Neurobiological Side of Nausea
Caroline HThe Effects of Music
Colette Cultural influences on the Brain
Congwen WangLearning Languages – My Reflection
cschoonoverThe Itch: Mind Over Matter?
dvergara“I think, therefore I am”: A look at memory, sensation, and experience
egleichmanThis is your Brain Online
emilyDisconnection Between Brain and Computer Connections
ewippermannDrugs: Sophisticated Placebos?
gloudonThe Neurobiology of Down syndrome
Hannah SilverblankTo “See into the Life of Things”[1]: Brain as Poet in Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey"
hmarciaLiterature and The Biology of Dreams
Jeanette BatesHappiness: Why it may be Hard to Find
JJLopezHallucinations and "Shrooms"
kdilliplanDo You Hear What I See? Synesthesia and Sensory Interactions
kgouldSpectrum of Dissociation?
KwarlizzleEureka Moments: When We Finally See Things as They Truly Are.
Lauren McDBirth Order's Effect on Personality
lfrontinoThe Blood Brain Barrier: An Obstacle for Treatment
mcchenThe Gut as the Second Brain
MELIs There Such a Thing as Personality?
merobertsThe Love Drug: Oxytocin and its implications to social interaction
mleung01Sponge Like Brain
molivaresThe Key to Artistic Creativity: Synesthesia, the Mind’s Metaphor
natmackowExploring Emotion and Social Interactions in Autism
RavenDéjà vu: Was I here before or is my mind playing tricks on me?
RikiDepressed By Default
rkirloskarColor Perception
Saba AshrafTherapeutic Clowns and the Effects They Have on Hospitalized Children
SchmeltzExploration of I-function Empowerment
skimReading Minds and Mental States
smkaplan'Extra-sensory' perception: a question of access
sophie b.Is There a "God Spot"?
Vicky TuDolphin's Cognitive Abilities
xhanControl, Control And More Control
ymlCulture shaping our perception