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Neurobiology and Behavior Web Papers I

Students in Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available via links from the index below to encourage further exploration by others having similar or related interests. All papers have associated on-line forums for continuing conversation.

aeraeberDisease or Madness: Society's Perception of Bipolar Disorder
AndyMittelmanCold Could Save Your Life: Therapeutic Hypothermia
Caroline HSerotonin Syndrome: A brief introduction
ColetteThe effects of Music on Language Disabilities
Congwen WangDiscovering Awareness in Vegetative State Patients: What to Do Next?
cschoonoverThe Challenge of Determining Consciousness
dvergaraThe Animal Mind
egleichmanPsilocybin, Hallucinations, and the Spiritual Enlightenment
emilyA Revision of Vision
ewippermannA Ubiquitous Universal Grammar
gloudonCell Phones and the Brain - a Two-Sided Dilemma
Hannah Silverblank“A Tissue of Signs”: Deproblematizing Synesthesia and Metaphor
hmarciaForeign Accent Syndrome and Identity
Jeanette BatesLanguage’s Relationship to the Brain
JJLopezWhy do we dream?
kdilliplanScents Sense: Olfaction, Memory and the Capabilities of the Brain
kgouldA First Look at Depersonalization and Derealization
KwarlizzlePain: Dickinson versus Descartes
Lauren McDHypnotizability
lfrontinoWho am I? An Examination of Memory and Identity
mcchenEmotions: Their Origins and Definitions
mcurrieThe Brain and Religion
MELBehavior without Memory
merobertsNeurological Correlates of Transsexuality
mleung01How Tough is Too Tough
molivaresWestern Culture of Science and its Synthesis of Mental Health and Illness
natmackowConversion Disorder: An Analysis of the Hysterical
RavenThinking Outside the Brain: Gut feelings and following the heart
RikiThe Eyes Have It: A look at EMDR
rkirloskarAlzheimer's Disease
Saba AshrafBody Dysmorphic Disorder
SchmeltzEmily Dickinson: A Spiritual Materialist
skimThe Physical World, Time Travel, and Embodied Cognition
smkaplanGender Identity and the Brain
sophie b.hysteria
Vicky TuThe Shyness of Brain
ymlWhat am I? to Who am I? : Cultural Identity