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Biology 202 2008 - Web Paper 1

Biology 202, Fall 2008, Bryn Mawr College

First Set of Web Papers


Students in Biology 202 write web papers on topics of interest to themselves. These are made available to encourage continuing exploration by others with similar or related interests.


Allison ZPsychopaths and Sociopaths
Angel DesaiRe-imagining the Sacred Self
Anna G.The Flexibility of the Mind
anonstudent01Autism's Possible Implications for the Mind and Brain
asavannahThe Many Wonders of Dreaming: Sleep Paralysis
Caitlin JeschkeMemory Inhibition: Some Functions of Forgetting
Caroline FeldmanStaying in the Zone: How Neuro-therapy Training Helps Athletes Compete
cheffernanThe Brain Mechanisms of an Eating Disorder
eambashNeedles and Nerves: How Neuropathy Challenges Notions of a Single Self
EB Ver HoeveA New Portal to the Brain
Emily AlspectorThe Friendly Gene
evanstiegelMental Imagery: Does It Really Benefit Athletic Performance?
gflahertyIt's Deja Vu All Over Again...
heatherThe Mysterious Reptile Brain
I.W.A Garden of Dead Bodies
Jackie MaranoThe Lack of Lefties: Nature or Nurture?
jchung01@brynmawr.eduDopamine Levels and Products of the Brain
Jen BensonNeurobiological Bases of Homosexuality? Some Evidence and Inquiries
Jessica KruegerHuman Language: A theory, some evidence, and a bonobo to muck it all up again
Jessica VarneyI'd Rather Not: Hypnosis and the I-Function
jriedersRight vs Left
jwongBeauty and the Beholder
K. SmytheBeta Blockers and Traumatic Memory: A Dulling Experience
llamprouI could SWEAR I've Been Here Before...
Lyndsey CThe Ambiguous Anatomy of Autism: Explorations in Current Neurobiological Research
Madina G.Alzheimer's Disease: A Neural Pathway Disjunction
Mahvish QureshiDo you See That Tree...I Do: Drug induced Hallucinations
Margaux KearneyIn the Blink of an Eye
MarieSagerDrink, Drink, Drink...Blackout!
mcrepeauWith My Heart in My Throat and Other Weird Places "I" Get to: A Discourse on Meditation, O.B.E.s and Other Phenomena
merry2eThe Connection of Pain Experiences: Subjective, Conscious, Biological, and Memory
Mimi N.The Power of Positive Thinking: The Placebo Effect
mkhiljiBody Dysmorphic Disorder: More than Psychological
Molly PieriAn argument for Mind-Body Unity: A logical approach
nasabereCorporeal Awareness: "You don't need the body to feel the body"
Nelly KhaselevIs This a Banana? How do you know?
Paul BI Think I Remember: Recovered/Fabricated Memories – Can Memories be easily Manipulated?
PS2007What Part of the Brain is Responsible for Moral Reasoning?
ptongVideo Game Addiction: Mental Disorder?
Rica Dela CruzJust A Bunch Of Heads In A Crowd
Simone ShaneThe Pathway to Shy
Skye HarmonySenses Working Overtime: Exploring Synesthesia
Sophie FBehavior and Meaning: The Enigma of Emily Dickinson
Tara RajuCan We All Be Superman? The Exploration of Pain
Zoe Fuller-YoungGenocide: Does a disruption in our moral behavior change our brain?



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