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Life After Brain Injuries: Are We Still the Same People?

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Biology 202
2002 Second Paper
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Life After Brain Injuries: Are We Still the Same People?

Alyson Dymkowski

During the summer of my junior year, a friend of mine, we will call her "Jen", got into a horrible car accident. Apparently sitting in the middle of the backseat, only strapped in with a lap belt, my friend hit her head on the side window, smashing the window upon impact. After 3 weeks of being in a coma, my friend eventually recovered. Even though she was deemed "physically" healed, my friend was truly never the same. Not only had her demeanor and interests changed, but also it seemed as if she had become a completely different person after her accident. I thought it very sad at the time, because the friends who had been close to her before were no longer close. I did not understand what they meant when they said that she had become a different person. Certainly, I realized that she had changed, but I could not fathom that she was now so different that they could no longer treat her like the old "Jen". I believed that this new "Jen" was still the same person as before-that the inner soul with which they had become friends had never and, indeed, could never change. However, after reading Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain, by Antonio R. Damasio, I regret the harsh judgments I made about "Jen's" friends. Dealing with someone who has suffered from a tremendous change in personality is not as easy as one would expect.

Descartes, a famous philosopher, once made the statement, "Cogito ergo sum" (6). Like, Descartes, I previously believed that a separation between the mind and one's body existed. I believed that the mind of an individual was his or her soul and that the brain and body were just the machinery used to share that soul with the outside world. I never thought that an injury to the brain could cause a change in the entire essence of a person. However, Damasio espouses beliefs which are the exact opposite of Descartes. Damasio argues that the brain and mind are two inseparable entities and that thinking is the function of the brain. Aristotle once stated, "If the eye had a soul, it would be seeing". Using this format, a soul is defined as the function of something. If the function of the brain is to think, then it would follow that the soul of a person exists in one's mind, where the capability to think is lodged. If this mind is the consequence of a functioning brain, then it can be said that when a brain suffers an injury, an individual's entire essence is injured as well. This idea of a person's essence, or soul, changing is controversial. I believe this controversy arises because it is too frightening for a person to fathom that his intrinsic being could be permanently changed as a result of an unpreventable action. However, the evidence in favor of the premise that the mind is a function of the brain, or the brain is equal to one's behavior, is astonishing (5).

Brain injury is any injury that results in damage to the brain. For many people who suffer from brain injury, the problems associated with it become a permanent part of their lives. The problems that develop depend upon which part of the brain is injured. People can lose cognitive and motor functions as well as their ability to express thoughts and perceive their surroundings. The most unnerving consequence of a brain injury can be a change in personality. Often after being injured victims, like my friend "Jen", develop an apathy and decreased motivation for life. Emotion can run to both extremes: a forever high, or as in the case of my friend, an absence there of (1). In society there is a difference in the response shown to someone who has suffered a brain injury that changes his or her personality, and someone whose injury has affected any other part of the body, or even other types of injuries to the brain. What accounts for this difference? If an individual loses a limb, he loses the function of that limb as well. It makes sense then that when an individual loses part of his brain, the function of that part goes too. This is in correlation with the statement, brain = behavior. Each part of the brain seems responsible for different behaviors, a fact that is reinforced when examining injuries to different areas of the brain and the varying results that occur. For example, if an individual suffers injury to their amygdala, he becomes calm and almost devoid of emotional ups and downs. People have therefore reasoned that this area of the brain is responsible for exhibiting anger and possessing violent emotions (9). If the function of a specific area of the brain is a defining characteristic of an individual's personality, then it is almost as if a new person develops, in place of the old, when an injury to that area occurs.

In the summer of 1848, a man named Phineas Gage incurred a traumatic injury to the frontal lobe region of his brain after a sudden explosion sent a rod straight through his head. Against many odds, Phineas survived, but afterwards his demeanor changed dramatically. Once a calm, balanced, and levelheaded man, Gage became an overly emotional, unbalanced and quite vulgar man upon recovery. Friends he had had previously, now compared him to an animal and made the perplexing statement, "Gage was no longer Gage" (3). The most frightening thing about this story is that, although Gage was very different, he was not aware of the changes within himself. In class we have explored the nervous system and noted that there is a separate I-function involved, making one aware of the "self". With each class, it becomes more evident that this I-function has less and less control on the rest of the nervous system. Many times the I-function is not aware of things that the nervous system is doing until the person is told what his or her nervous system is doing, (i.e., when the brain makes up an image for the place of vision, the optic nerve, where no sensory receptors are located). So the question I have for people like Gage, who seem to be totally dissimilar people after suffering a brain trauma, is whether or not their I-functions are aware of the change in personality? People suffering from a personality change are unable to will themselves back to their old personality, even after their I-function is made aware. This furthermore, supports that brain equals behavior, because if behavior was independent of the brain, one would be able to change their personality back despite the brain changes. However, can we ever be sure that, because we are not mind readers, that even though their personality changes, they are not thinking in the same manner, as Descartes would argue? And if the individual thinks in an entirely new manner, would that really be enough to consider him or her a totally different person?

The likely reality is that when someone's brain is injured, the function is forever injured as well. There is no separation between mind and brain. Popular opinion of the mind's function is that it is a result of a brain process. Although when the brain loses a function, it is not unlike the reaction incurred in any other part of the body, but the more important query remains. Which characteristics do we use when defining a person's being? If Gage had suffered from a trauma to any other part of his body and survived, his friends would never have said that Gage was no longer the same person. Often when people undergo a personality change, their IQ remains unaffected by the injury. This is because of the various tasks delegated to the brain. The frontal lobe has evolved to be the main organizer. If people, like Gage, damage this region of their brain, their persona changes because this region is imperative for defining one's personality. However, if Gage had suffered from an injury to his temporal region, his personality would seem the same, only his memory would be adversely affected (9). An example of a personality change as a result of frontal lobe damage is a 12 year old boy who was in a car accident. Since the accident, the child has been aggressive and suffers from unpredictable destructive fits. Although his I.Q remains at 128 since the accident he has been expelled 3 times from different schools for his hostile persona, brought about after the damage to his brain (4). What, then, is the most important factor accounting for the way a person becomes defined; what has happened to make the various regions of the brain become so specialized? Has there been a gradual process through evolution that makes the loss of the frontal lobe harder to deal with than the loss of other regions of the brain, or other body parts? Or has the brain always functioned in this manner? When examining the responses to what appears to be injuries that are all serious in nature, it becomes apparent that some injuries are, indeed, more acute than others. Although an injury which is noticeable may on the surface seem more life changing, it cannot be argued that it is the injuries which are held within one's mind that are the most devastating to a person's being. Yes, they are all injuries to the body, but only those touching the brain have the capacity to change the "soul" of a person.


1)Brain Injury Society, A good site defining what brain injury is, its causes, and its treatments

2)Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide, a good diagram of the frontal lobe of the brain and a good description of its functions

3)Cyber Museum of Neurosugery, a good site about Phineas Gage

4)Alasbimn Journal, a legal page discussing the issues of aggressive personality change and the law

5) Antonio R. Damasio, Descartes' Error, New York: Avon Books, Inc., 1994, a great book with much about Phineas Gage and other Brain injury victims

6) Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy, Indianapolis, Indiana: Hackett Publishing Co., Inc., 1998, can't read one without the other!

7)Athiest Site, a site dedicated to atheism that explores some of the questions this paper raises

8)American University, a site outlining the neurospychology of emotion

9)University of Northern Iowa, a site dedicated to the effects of different injuries to the brain



Comments made prior to 2007

Hi, I just wrote the following letter to a Brain Injury Treatment Center I spent the last two weeks at. I have suffered a total of four brain hemorrhages in the right Frontal Lobe. Since the last one, a year ago, the entire essence of my being has changed. It has been completely devastating to me, yet they say I scored much higher on my tests than they anticipated. It has rocked my world. I am an ordained Minister, yet this brain injury has changed me spiritually as well. If you would like any information regarding this please feel free to correspond. Professionals need to understand this. Here is the letter I wrote before finding your article:

Thanks for writing. I have some concerns about the following aspects of this brain injury. I guess what people are not understanding is that my entire being and former personality has changed. I'm not the same spiritually, mentally or emotionally since the last brain hemorrhage. God was my life, and my relationship with Him was everything to me. I no longer have that. Oh, I know God still loves me, but it's all just knowledge now and not true intimacy. I have been emotionally and spiritually flat-lined. This brain injury has changed my whole life. No matter what I do, or how hard I try to make things better, I am still absent. How can I function as a robot for the rest of my life and find any pleasure in that? Everything I was, is no more. I am a stranger to myself, and to those who once knew me. I used to be a very optimistic, passionate person, full of compassion, insight and wisdom. Now I am an empty shell. From the time I wake up in the morning until I go to bed at night, I simply have to act because I am no longer present. My only hope right now, is the hereafter. I am not depressed or suicidal, I am simply stating the facts. Living as a robot, is like living in a private hell that no one seems to fathom the depths of. Just try to imagine being thrown into someone else's body in which the former person has vacated, leaving you in charge and you don't have a clue what to do? I know I may have scored high on the tests, but how can you test someone's personality changes and their loss of identity? Is there anyone that truly understands Frontal Lobe Injury? ... Debra Kirby, 2 February 2006



My son was in car accident in 2001 with my mom who died on impact it was two cars one going 55 the other going 70 my moms was the one 55. Everyone died except my son who i swear to God i didnt bring the same son home. He yelled alot and cussed made my life hell for sevreal years who ende up making me take a job on the rode to get away. Everytime he yells he threatens to kell people even kids, Threatens who he is yelling at and later appoloizes for it.he used to scare me, wake me, and sometimes be so sweet later like my old son, he was 15 then now he is 21 cant get people to see he is not normal and never will again..i couldnt take the pressure anymore feel bad but just there any medication or herbs, can he get on disability, he dont seem to want to work it seesm that way but not forsure he really gets it tho. He threatens death or u used to, wishes he had never lived i love him, miss him..please help me..and please send some kind of report to my sister who to this day thinks he is forever the same child but he is not..please please help him, me, and please pray for him..and me and my daughter who he stays with ... Lena Woods, 28 April 2007


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I had a TBI at 15 and lost my sense of self

I was hit by a car a little over forty years ago at the age of 15 and suffered from a TBI that almost killed me. I was unconscious for a day, and when I awoke I had no feelings of awareness from before. My sense of "I" stems only from that day. I have most of the memories from the time before the accident, but "me", my sense of awareness of me as I am today was born on that day over forty years ago. I have no emotional connection to the memories from the time before the accident. They aren't mine. When my family came to visit me in the hospital, I knew who they were, but they held no attachment for me. Many weeks later when I was well enough to be released, I went home to a family of strangers. I never said anything to anyone about this for years, because I didn't want to be locked up as crazy. Everyone said that I was different, but ascribed it to the accident. I felt like I was living a life that wasn't mine, that belonged to someone else. I also had trouble controlling my temper, and I was angry that I had to pretend to be this person that I was supposed to be. I couldn't tell anyone that he was dead, that I was living here now, going through the motions of his life. My rages led me to fighting, drug and alcohol abuse, dropping out of school, bad relationships, and eventually prison (I did time for armed bank robbery). I have been out of prison for over 20 years now, and I have managed to come to terms with my past and the accident. I got my BA and taught theatre for many years. I eventually came to care for the strangers who were my family, and accepted and took control of this life and made it mine. My anger is gone, and I am now an active and respected member of the community, and a father with an amazing and happy daughter who is doing very well in college. This life is mine now, although it took me a long time to accept and claim it. I have lived for over forty years in this body, and I have enough life experience now that the early years are now only a small portion. This is in contrast to when I first woke up from the accident feeling frightened, alone, and isolated in a life with which I had no emotional connection, surrounded by people I didn't really know or care about, with no memories of my own. I don't know if this will help anyone, but I thought that I would post it anyway just to let people know that given time to adjust, life after TBI and personality change can be wonderful and fulfilling. Please feel free to comment.

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I don't know if anyone

I don't know if anyone follows this. But I just read your post. I woke from a week in a coma after a car accident also.
I'm summarizing... found out I had a stroke at 28 while driving my car. I had brain surgery. After surgery, had no idea who I was. I felt like I was living in a video game. It was strange, felt that way for years. Fast forward 20 years later to TODAY. I will occasionally get those weird memory lapses. I can recall many memories as a child, but not from preteen years and late teens. Just blank. I didn't share much with my family either about it.

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I don't know if anyone

I don't know if anyone follows this. But I just read your post. I woke from a week in a coma after a car accident also.
I'm summarizing... found out I had a stroke at 28 while driving my car. I had brain surgery. After surgery, had no idea who I was. I felt like I was living in a video game. It was strange, felt that way for years. Fast forward 20 years later to TODAY. I will occasionally get those weird memory lapses. I can recall many memories as a child, but not from preteen years and late teens. Just blank. I didn't share much with my family either about it.

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Your story on Serendip regarding your injury

Hi my name is Russ and I just saw your email today. I understand it can be a traumatic experience. How are you feeling now ?

All the Best


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Surgical Brain Injury

Good Afternoon and Merry Christmas!

I am hoping you are still following this thread and will be willing to provide some advice/guidance. I've been through a series of incidents over the last 2 years and am finally taking a step to recover fully. There was a physical recovery that had to happen and I also had to deal with career stuff on top of a stage 4 cancer diagnosis for my mother and her continuing chemo treatments and surgeries. Should have put me first, but I never listen to myself anyway lol. I had gastric bypass 2 years and 1 week ago today. It did not go well. Here's a brief rundown of my concerns.

Pre-surgery, I did not have “emotional” issues per se. I didn’t have mood swings, crying fits, memory issues, anxiety, feelings of being lost emotionally and in life, or a loss of motivation. I was always able to do what I set my mind to. Post-surgery, all these things are happening. I chalked it up to adjusting to a new body/being a new person, but I think it’s more than that as I read more about the effects of brain injury and the impact of hypoxia on the left frontal lobe. That tied into the issues with my right arm (loss of feeling and strength for unknown reasons-it’s been said it was due to the arterial line and nerve damage from it). I don’t feel like me. I have a different personality and am a different person. I have anxiety and harp on things I never would have in the past. I don’t let things go, I’m fearful, I over think and over analyze, I have disconnected from friends and family especially as of late (lots going on there, though). I chalked some of it up to hormones and being on my period, others to the “new me”, but it feels like something more. Also have memory issues that have gotten better of the past 2 years, but I still struggle with some things. I can be easily distracted as well.

• November 2008: TIA due to birth control with no lasting effects
• December 2015: X-en-Route gastric bypass with complications.
o Day after surgery complained of back pain with vomiting
o Scans indicated that my intestines twisted and had to be corrected with a 2nd surgery to complete a U-Loop
o Upon extibation, I aspirated on bile-suspected according to anesthesiologist
o Was in a coma for 9 days
o Had pneumonia, ARDS, depreciated mental capacity (chart reflects that I was acting like I was 12), blood pressure was a roller coaster, when they tried to bring me out of the coma I would become very agitated and would have a blood pressure spike and they would have to put be back under, vivid hallucinations (hallucinated that my mother died) that leaked into real life (every morning for a series of days I would have to be convinced that my mother didn’t die by my nurses and they would have to call my mother to prove it), had memory issues, had speech issues (sometimes still do-get tongue tied very often, lose train of thought, takes a while to find the correct words), could not walk, loss of function in my right arm-have regained most of it although it’s still weak and I can barely feel my thumb and forearm
o Inpatient PT for 17 days; outpatient for 6 months
o During coma was on A LOT of medications
o Docs indicated that there was left frontal lobe swelling due to hypoxia when I aspirtated on bile

Any thoughts, advice, concerns, or questions are welcome.

Have a great holiday!

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Tamara N. Jackson

Hi Tamara,

Thanks for your e-mail and Holiday wishes. I hope you had a great Christmas also.
I see you have been having a tough time, I understand. I will see if I can give you
some info to help you understand, and also a few tools that you can use to give you
some relief from your current condition and some treatments that you can check out
that been having some success with some of your ailments that are going on with your

What is causing all the symptoms right now are the force and energy from any of the
impacts you have had in your life. Physically and emotionally.

The force and energy from those impacts/trauma are still in the body. (the cells, they are hurting).
This trauma that is still in the body will greatly slow the recovering and repair that the body is doing
big time. When the trauma is released from the areas that were affected the bodies recovery is
greatly sped up. The body has absorbed the trauma and is tying to handle it but it is having a hard time.
To much force and energy plus it also triggers earlier incidents from a person's past of trauma/impacts physically
and emotionally which contain a lot of negative thoughts and energy in those incidents and they are now bearing down
on the person also, so along with the current force and energy from the present condition the person is in and now the past
incidents of force and energy from trauma the person and their body are having a really hard time recovering.

This can be handled and a full recovery can take place as long as a number of criteria are in place :

1) The Nervous System is still in place, meaning nothing has been "severed".
They can be bruised but as long as the nerves are still in place recovery is still possible.

2) Tissue maybe damaged but as long as it is still intact this would not be a problem. If tissue is
missing results will be affected but results would still be better than if the person was not treated.

Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy:

I would check this out in the area you live in or near. A lot of the Universities seem to have them at their
Medical Centers.

This type of treatment has been pretty successful for people who have had strokes and I have had a friend
in LA who had this treatment after she had a stroke and she said if she hadn't told me she had a stroke I
wouldn't have know she had one if I saw her. She couldn't say enough good things about it.

Also I can suggest a few tools (exercises) that you can do that are not strenuous and are very simple to do
but you could call me on email for this information and it would be no charge for this it is free. It will give
some relief (temporarily) until you get a permanent solution for your condition.

I could give you a lot more info should you wish to call me or send me your email.

I hope this will help you understand a bit more of what is happening to you and if the criteria is met
you should have no problem making a full recovery.

All the Best
Have a good
New Year

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frontal lobe injury changed my son

my 14 year old son was stabed just ontop of his forehead(on leftside) by a robber knife went right thru skull into brain he was in hospital for a week but since his first day home I knew that this was not my loving and caring son anymore when he speaks its like he is shouting with a angry tone and this makes his younger siblings scared of him he is very aggresive and gets upset about everything and anything he almost never smile or joke anymore and he was the clown in the house and he doesn't care what he says and to who hes talking its almost like theres no respect I am so very afraid for him because not everyone wil understand what he went thru his father is working very hard and long hours to provide for us as I had to leave my job to take care of him his the eldest of four children I cant take my eyes of him for a second cause he wil go climb up trees or hang on moving trucks stuff he whould never do..I hurt so so much as I just want my son back I cry right thru the night every night because everyone sees me like that strong person and depends on me I have to hide my feelings I need my old son back but dont know what to do my son was always the clever one sometimes more clever than me and his father I chould always depend on him for everything and anything when I came home from work my house whould be clean when we worked late he whould go fetch the children and bath and feed them when we come home everything was sorted and sometime when we want to reward him he whould say no rather use it for the house or if he took the money he whould spend it on everyone he had a soft heart but is very careless now I even have to force him to bath himself and then there is also the days when he is very tired and sleeps. the whole day and night and hes always speaking in his sleep nonestop right thru the night everynight so I cant sleep because im scaired what if something happens and. im sleeping hes got pain 24/7 aswell..please give me advice on how to handel everything and to better him please...thanks

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Janine's Son's Head Injury

Hi Janine,

I hope you got my message that I sent to you yesterday.

I spoke to my Associate in LA yesterday and she gave me more

details on the Hyperbolic Therapy Treatment that is available

which has been getting very good results for repairing nerves

in the Brain along with other success's with this treatment and

it would be worth while to make some inquiries in your area of

the Country to see if there is a Center near you. I know there are

some in the Southern Eastern States at some of the Medical Center's

and some University's so there may be some near you. As we have

only heard of the success's I can only make a suggestion to you to

check it out and get more data but the key to this type of treatment

seems to be getting enough oxygen to the brain so that the nerves grow

back together (that's the short version). But I suggest talking to the Specialist

on this type of Therapy. I know as you stated the your funds may be limited

but they may have some program your son may be treated under and the Specialist

may be able to help you on that and if not maybe ask him if a portable oxygen device

would be helpful as all you are trying to do is get more oxygen to your son's brain so that

the nerves heal/grow back together. I am sure he may have some other suggestions also.

If you need any further assistance feel free to send me an email.

All the Best


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My close friend hospitalized for 3 months for head trauma

Hi my friend zac was in a bad car accident, no one knows how it happened as he was lone in the car late at night and the person who discovered him only arrived after the damage was done, but he was ejected from the car with no other injuries aside from the brain, his story is intense and I don't want to spend my time writing it out without know whether you're even still responding to any of these reach outs anymore. I saw the last response was in 2016I know this is probably a long shot but I just read through all your comments back to people for the past hour or if you are please write me back so I can share his story and hopefully help him out with your advice :)

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Zac's bad car accident and Head Trauma

Hi Olivia,

Thank's for your email.

I would be glad to hear about your friend's story and to give you my thoughts

on what occurred and what is happening to him now in present time. Please

provide me with as many details of what happened, his treatment in the hospital,

any current treatment and any current symptom's Zac may be experiencing in

present time as possible. Thanks,

All the Best


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Janine's Son knife injury to his Head

Hi Janine, I got your email regarding your son's condition after his injury.

I have a few questions for you regarding his injury.

1)What was the damage to the Brain ?

2)Was there any damage to the nerves ? Were there any severed ?

3) Was there any brain tissue removed from your son's skull ?

4) Has he been put on any medication for his behavior and if so
how long has he been on this medication and what is the name of the medication ?

5) You mentioned he is in pain, what area is he saying the pain is coming from ?

Most people who have injuries, still have a lot of their attention tied up in the
trauma that they had experienced meaning they are still in the trauma. The force
and energy of the impact/trauma was so great it keeps a lot of their attention stuck in
the incident. It basically traps the person/their personality in the incident. If you were
to look at them, look in their eyes you can see they are distant, they are not quite there
they are at another time, another place. They are socked into their Subconscious Mind as
there is nothing good in the Subconscious Mind only hurt, pain and sorrow, grief, apathy, fear
anger,negative thoughts that will continue to work on a person thru their life when ever
they are tired, hungry, injured, under stress so that is why he is manifesting or more accurately
dramatizing (acting out) being in the Subconscious Mind. If a person "is not in the Subconscious Mind"
they are not acting in a irrational, harmful destructive way. They are acting like themselves, the
kind, gentle, thoughtful person they are. The Basic Good person. He is stuck in the Subconscious Mind
right now so you want to un stick him or pull him out of the Subconscious Mind and here is a exercise
you can do to pull his attention out. It is only a simple temporary solution but if done on a regular basis it will
free up a lot of his attention from the traumatic incident so he is no longer as distance (stuck in the past)
and will be closer to being here in present time and not stuck in the past. This will affect his behavior also
as you will be pulling him out of the Subconscious Mind and into the Rational Mind/Basic Personality the Good
person that he is.

Exercise: Take your son for walks and get him to look around at objects (you point out the objects to him)
like tree's, buildings, house's, cars, trucks, telephone/hydro poles the sky etc till he looks better, his
eyes have won't be so dull, they will be a bit brighter. When you see this in him the exercise is over for
that time period.

Note: When you point to an object, make sure he looks at it and sees it as you are trying to pull his attention
units out of the Subconscious Mind so if he just kind of chuggs it off he will not get the benefits of the exercise.
so you might have to excert a little control on him but don't force him (coax him very gently) and never get mad
at him as that will only knock him further into the Subconscious and hinder his recovery. Always be up beat when
you do this exercise with him. You can do this exercise as many times as you like but always end the exercise at a
good point. Meaning he always looks better at the end of the exercise than when you started the exercise. Also when
ever you notice his behavior start to get worse or negative take him for a walk as he is starting to go back into the
Subconscious Mind and he needs to get his attention out on the environment again and this will pull him out of the
Subconscious Mind. Also if he gets tired while doing this just say we will go home in a few minutes, as if he gets to
tired this will cause him to go back into the Subconscious Mind. Always make sure he is well rested and not hungry
if a person is hungry or tired or both this causes them to go into the Subconscious Mind and then their behavior starts
to get worse.

I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience

All the Best


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my sons brain injury

Good day Russ....Thank you so very much for your respond,its the first time I got advice and cant wait to try it out...answers for your son was stabed with a knife just ontop of his forehead where his hair begins on the left side of his head.The knife went thru his skull into his brain and damaged his frontal lobe part of brain..He did not have any surgery and was treated with some kind injection for the bleeding and swelling of brain he also got blood transfusion and was on 2 drips at the same time and got about 8 while there he lost 6 kilos in just 1 week he also got a injection for the vomiting as he was always vomiting and painpills thats all that hospital gave him while for treatment when he was dischardge they gave him Phenytoin and had to take 3 every night before bed and also got tramadol 1 3 times a day with 2 panados with but pills is up so I took him back to hospital and doctor said I should just buy panados and said there is nothing they can do so I should just except it and try to get to know the new him so theres no use in giving me a date for hospital again unless he gets sick but his got headache all the time that's infront of forehead and also ontop of head and then yesterday he got a rash all over body from head to toe that almost looks like measels and its sore and itching so I called the hospital they said theres no need to stress I should get alegex but its 3 days and its still there..I think because we cant afford medical aid they dont really wory about us and also dont explain step by step whats really going on that's why I know nothing and trying to find some help,......thanks Janine

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Your son's Head Injury

Hi Janine,

Thanks for your email.

I will get back to tomorrow

ok as I want to check something out.

All the Best


Russ's picture

Janine's Your son's injury

Hi Janine,

I wasn't able to get some information for you yet

so I will try to get it for you and let you know this

Saturday as it has something to do with hyperbolic

therapy and an Associate in LA told me about it as it

was getting good results with stroke victim's but I

wanted to see if she had any info on it for any

success with prefrontal lobe and nerves severings

as I don't have all the info on your son's prefontal

lobe damage but I am assuming that some nerves

have been severed so I will get back to you on Sat.

All the Best


Russ's picture

Janine"s son

Hi Janine,

I talked to my associate in LA briefly

Friday night but it was only a short

conversation and we set up a time for

tonight (Monday) so I will email you tomorrow

(Tuesday) with the details, as I didn't

have any info for you I never got back

to you on Sat.

All the Best


Amber Hong's picture

i had hit my head in school but now i get angry easily

I had a particularly good time in school until this happened.

i have a friend (Emma Lim) who is very rather easily agitated but we are used to each other.

on 19/5, we rehersed for our school's mother tongue (i study chinese) fornight event for the next day--> a skit for the next day.

we ended early and able to go for our after school activity. i went to toliet and whent i came out i saw that Emma was outside. i just lightly tapped her and say goodbye. she chased scarily after me. i ran for my life.

however, i slipped and fell and hit my head on one of the pillar (the rectangular kind) at the sharp end. sharp pain whent thorugh my head. she asked if i am alright. i say i am fine. (she walked away) . i hold my head in pain.

I was bleeding when i removed my hand from my head. i went to toilet to wash up. i was sent to the sick bay. a teacher saw me in this state and ask the person who sent me to the sick bay to sent for help from a red cross person. my the other friend who is in red cross youth helped me to stop bleeding and bandage me up. then my chinese teacher (also the red cross teacher) came to see me. then somehow the principal and the vice principal came to see me. then the ambulance came, i was sent to the hospital. but luckily i just got a bump and minor cut on the head, no skull injury

but now i lose my temper easily and my friends are leaving me.....

Faz's picture


I recently visited a waterfall, i dropped 18m distance one shot and a 60m slope, i did not break any bones no fractured skull, but i did suffer from severe brain dammage but i am healing incredibly fast, due to the medication or myself my concentration and focus is down the drain.. i need help i a, only 17 and i dont know what to do for my education i am currently studying a level but currently and am still missing in action for 3 weeks. What should i do?

Russ's picture

Faz comment April 18th 2016 Visiting a Water Fall

Hi Faz
My name is Russ and I have been treating people who have had severe traumatic injuries for over 20 years now
and one of the things that happens to a person who has had severe trauma is that they have a hard time focusing
and their concentration demises. This is because they still have a lot of their attention units tied up in the traumatic
event they had. One of the exercises a person can do to free up their attention units that are trapped in the moment
of the impact that they had, which will allow that person to be more in present time and focus and concentrate more
is to go outside and walk around and look at objects (trees, buildings, telephone poles, the sky, the clouds houses etc etc)
in their environment until they feel they are more connected to the environment and their surrounding. They feel more "here"
in present time, henced more "Focus". The person may feel a bit sleepy or tired while doing this exercise, this is natural as it is some of the unconsciousness coming out of the impact/trauma but if you persist thru this, they will eventually free up a lot of trapped attention units and they will be more "here" in present time, more "Focus". When doing this exercise always take it to a good point, where you feel better than when you started the exercise and end the exercise there at that good point. If you go past this good point you will be going back into the subconscious mind and the trauma. So always end when you
feel better than when you first started the exercise. You can do this exercise many many times and at some point you will reach
the end result and you will know that you have reached the end result as you will have freed up all the attention units from the
trauma. So good luck and let me know how you make out and if you have any questions please feel free to email me.

All the Best


Serendip Visitor's picture

from NYT bestselling novelist

Hi Russ, I have sold a novel about a couple grappling with the wife's coming out of a coma with a personality change. Would you be willing to talk with me?

Thank you,


Serendip VisitorRon's picture

Russ wants the microphone

Total bullshit Russ your just looking for a platform to get your ego stroked. Thats spritual mumbo jumbo if ever i heard some. From brain injury survivor !

Serendip Visitor's picture

Ron's comment " Russ wants the microphone"

Hi Ron,

What is wrong with making people aware of a very workable treatment. Have you ever had any of the treatment I have spoke of ?
Have you ever talked to a person who has had the treatment that I have spoke of ? Have you ever seen the results of the treatment I have spoke of ? Have you ever read any of the material on the treatment I have spoke of ? There are thousands of people who have improve there condition with the treatment I have spoke of and the majority of people who have had this treatment have made a full recovery. A person doesn't have to believe me they just have to try the treatment and experience the results for themselves. This treatment will work any person who has a fully intact nervous system and no missing Brain tissue. A person who is missing tissue or body parts can see improvement as long as the above mention systems and tissue are still intact. A smart person does his research before making comments on something a foolish person would just spout off with what ever comes to mind and they don't have any facts to back up what they are talking about and from your email it sounds like
you would answer no to all the questions I have mentioned above and that is very unfortunate because if you had done any research on the above treatment you would probably not have this point of view that you are saying in your emailed to me and you would not be still experiencing the after affects of your injury(s) I can tell from the anger in your response that you have a lot of harmful energy locked up inside your body, which a lot of it is I am sure a result of your accident and I hope you are able to get some relief for this condition sometime in the future.
All the Best to you Ron.
A person can't argue with the truth if they experience it themselves. (see it , feel it, sense it, then it is real to them).
I am just letting people know there is treatment for TBI's that works.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Frontal lobe injury

A precious person in my life was in a head on collision in 2008. Her head hit the steering wheel and was cut deep. She had a concussion.
Within a year of that accident she became a different person. Her IQ was still high and she seemed normal to most people. But she became very aggressive and bitter toward some loved ones. And where she once had a beautiful relationship with God, she no longer had that. Those she rejects are so broken-hearted. They can't do anything but pray. She doesn't even see herself as a different person or if she does she won't admit it. Is there any help for her? God is able to do a miracle and heal her. She had headaches for a long time after the injury. She only had one catscan the day after the accident and no follow ups. So even though nothing serious was seen on first scan, could the injury have worsened causing this personality change? She was once calm and kind but became rebellious and bitter and uncompassionate. I pray there's a way for her to heal if she ever admits the need.

Russ 's picture

Your friends Frontal Lobe Injury

I read your comment on your friend's head injury today and I wanted to give you another
viewpoint to look at. I have been treating people for over 20 years with a pretty good success
rate and this is what has happened to her in my opinion based on the information you have mentioned.

You can only help a person if they want help. The person has to want to change their condition
that they are in. So if they realize they are not being the person that they want to be and they
can get a workable technology to improve their life then they will be able to change their condition.
But they have to want to change on their own determinism, we can't make them change.
Having said that, If she wants to change, a person can get treatment for the concussion she received
and it does not have to be with drugs as drugs only mask the problem. She needs to release all the force
and energy that her body absorbed from the impact of when she hit her head on the steering wheel as it
is this trauma to her head that is causing all the symptoms she is now experiencing. Once this trauma has
been released from her body she will go back to being the person she once was, because it was the trauma
that changed her conduct and nothing else.

All the Best


Arjun's picture

about head injuery

I want to ask what I do , it's a accident when I was 5years old something was collasped to my head and there was a crack in my head notwonly that but also my brain was clearly saw in that injuery then we go to doctor he attached it and it's all fine but I feel like by that time my mind is not working like before so I decided that to go sycastratist and take electric shock in head , it's right or not what I do tell me some one please mail me some suggestions .

Shelly's picture


I suffered a TBI 6 and a half months ago. I don't have a lot to say right now but I really feel like crying after reading all of these posts because I can so relate. I am living like a robot too. I am not me any more. I want me back. I will come back and write more but I am feeling so down right now. I have to absorb all of this. I do thank God that I am not alone. Thank you everyone.

RM's picture

VERY Highly recommended by TBI person

don't ask questions.
1) FInd a good Tai Chi studio and start, just do it and keep at it;
2) Find a local table tennis (yes, ping pong) club and start playing as frequently and as much as you can and keep at it.
Within a brief period of time you will be very surprised and pleased.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Response to Chai ti

I'll be doing ballet bar work to help with my tbi

Serendip Visitor's picture

I find that when I think

I find that when I think around my individual I am clear sounding and my main character seems to have been damaged.

Should I keep trying to think around this guy?
It does hurt to think on that wave length.

Lastly, is it possible we're like instruments? I need help here. My chords have some fraying.

Am I going to be OK to use them later after like... six months?

I've found 3, my main and the 2 I practiced on demonstrating an example to my mom the other day.

There are ways I've discovered to help repair missing areas.
Find the missing spot through moving forward and backward until you find the zone which is quiet. Through emotions, look up to next level and down a level. You should find two attitudes that are similar emotionally.

Fit the missing speed in by using a 13 between the two chords and the missing one.

(you got it)

Use your confidence, (no negatives or asking).

You can also write to the black/blue/green or places where you had wasted time to help you remember.

Please be careful, I am not a neurologist.

You must jam the missing tone by playing the two good chords together and knowing the sound that is in between them.

Play it safe, do not play all 3 at any time or in problem areas.

Please be sure to rest at least 10, 16, 31, 34, 44 seconds between writing.
Your brain needs to concentrate for it's workout.

I'd like to suggest doing this in the months you have time to imagine.
Dream on, it's better than doing everything.

Judith Farrell's picture

friend had brain bleed

A close spiritual friend had a brain bleed about nine months ago. He does not seem to be the same person. I find myself angry because he is so different and I helped him a lot and he does not see this or anything I do as important. He is detached in many things and even if I tried to get him help he just turns away from anything he does not want to hear or deal with. The friendship is now one sided. Seems hopeless at times and the people who he has surrounded himself with know little about medicine or getting him help. They even encourage him in some of his strange new ways and seem to just chuck it up to his brain bleed as if their is no help for him. He has improved but without good help I am afraid he will stay in this strange state. He also has MRSA which he caught in the rest home and he goes around carrying it without wanting to tell people or use precautions to prevent others from getting it. Can on get social services involved in such a case, when the family is refusing to get him help?

Dredawg1230's picture

What is normal

When I was 4 or 5 yrs old I was hit by a car I only remember before I was hit and not by the car I woke up in an ambulance for a few seconds went to get up was out for about 3 or 4 days . I knew I was different from other kids because I felt dumb stupid etc I always got I trouble at school exspelled 3x ld classes never could learn like others fought everyday constantly punched beat up by my older brother but was always having difficulty comprehending put weight on due to loss of interest in sports etc . My punctuation is bad due to my lack of English skills in school etc . I am 42 yrs old now and undiagnosed until the past year . I guess my questions here today is there anyone else out there with a similar situation to mine please let me know and where to go from here I am going to some kind of test next week to see the extent of damage to motor skills etc please comment or a doctor even willing to help guide me a little .

Joyce's picture

When I was 12 I was knocked

When I was 12 I was knocked down by a car and suffered brain damage. I was in a coma for 8 days, paralysed down the right hand side, and had to learn to walk and talk again. My parents were basically told I had a 50/50 chance, then that I'd be a cabbage in a wheelchair, then that maybe I'd be well enough to go to a special school. But I was determined to go back to normal school. I couldn't face being laughed at! And that's what I thought everybody was doing - laughing at me because I was in a wheelchair with a spastic arm. I was out of hospital in 5 weeks, and 7 weeks later, in September, I went back to school for the start of the new term. At first my so-called friends were lovely. But within a month they were cooling off - I "wasn't the same" - like you wouldn't be when you'd had your head stoved in by a car...but everybody just wanted to take the piss, laugh at me. My hair was dry and frizzy because of all the strong drugs I'd been on. My skin was dry. I had dark circles under my eyes. So I got called names, and was made to feel stupid and inadequate, and told how ugly I was. My best friend told me she wanted to be friends with another girl, because I'd changed, then went off to sit with her. Depression wasn't something that was really recognised in the 80's and certainly not something that a 13 year old kid could be suffering from. But I now realise that I was severely depressed, and have been on and off ever since. Sometimes when I couldn't take the tormenting any more I'd lash out at people, but that made them laugh more. Once a boy was throwing sweets at my head, so I turned round and hit him - so he punched me in the face - and because of my weak skull, I collapsed. Another time a boy hit me on the head with a baseball bat, and that sent me loopy. But I just saw red! Another boy was calling me names outside the class and I lashed out at him, unable to express myself with adequate words - only to receive another punch in the face! It was a hell - and it went on for years. The rage has never left me. And the hurt has never gone away. I wanted people to understand what had happened to me, understand that I nearly died, get some credit for surviving against the odds. I wanted someone to pat me on the back and say "well done!", not make me feel I'd have been thought of more fondly if I HAD actually died!

Serendip Visitor's picture

Joyce's accident when she was 12 years old

Hi Joyce

I read your story of April 10,2016 and I am sorry to here of your

unpleasant experiences with the accident and after with the kids

attitude towards you. If you would like to email me I can get you some

information on how you can handle the rage you talk about in a all

natural drug free way. I have been treating severe accident victims for

over 20 years and I can give you some free advice to help you out. No


All the Best


Serendip Visitor's picture

Brain Injury

Dredawg, your story sound somewhat similar. I fell out of a moving pickup truck and hit a cement curb face first when I was 5 or 6 years old. I didn't realized that something was wrong until about 7 years ago. I went back to college a year ago to complete a degree. It wasn't until I got there that I noticed that when I think that I am saying something intelligent, what seems to come out of my mouth makes people look at me like I am crazy. I can't seem to articulate in a way that people understand what I am thinking in my head. However, the strangest thing is that, I write excellent papers. Go figure? I am searching for answers too. Thanks for your post.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Life after Brain Injury

My son had a TBI at age of 21. He went through 7 brain surgeries. He went through extensive brain surgery and he couldn't walk or talk due to failed v/p shunt placed 3 times. In the end, I pulled him out of the hospital and took him home. I spoke to a neurosurgeon and he redid his shunt and he started talking and moving his extremities. We went through extensive therapy and both physical rehab. Slowly he progressed but I never told him he could never walk or is less than anyone else. He went from wheel chair bound, to walker, to quad cane, to walking on his own. He is going to school and driving now but I have noticed and that he seems to show signs of ADHD. The psychiatric doctor said it was onset from Traumatic Brain Injury. He is has to study 10X harder than than the average person. He is now 26 and I can stay to stay positive and set your own goals. The mind is a so complicated and you will be amazed on how much you can accomplish as long as you don't let anyone put you down. Stay away from the negative crowd and stay with the positive crowd. I believe in God and I believe in miracles. I pray you find the path you are seeking.

Russ   Serendip Visitor's picture

Re: Dredawg's Story Monday 08/17/2015 car accident age 4 yrs old

Hi Dredawg

I read your story of your car accident when you were 4-5 yrs old and I thought I

would refer you to my comment dated Sunday 08/ 09/2015 regarding Angie's Father's Head

Injury Story. If you read the whole comment it should give you a better understanding of

what happens to a person in a severe accident/impact. There is also an exercise that you can

do to help you regain some of your mental and physical abilities that are being suppressed by the

trauma you experienced with your accident. If you find it difficult to do this exercise by yourself maybe

you can ask someone to read the exercise and then do it with you. If you have any questions please feel

free to call me at the phone # enclosed.

All the Best


Angie's picture

My father's head injury

My father had an accident 2 weeks ago. He stayed in ICU for a couple of days and now he is in a regular room. What surprised us all is that our father cannot recognize anybody except for himself. He knows his name, he can read and can understand a language. But he seems to forget a lot of basic things like walking, eating, moving etc. He is now eating through a tube on his nose because he cannot swallow nor chew anything. he forgot how to eat. what should we do? what should we give to him so that we can bring back the old him. he is a very nice man before the accident. But now he's acting like a small kid. please help us. Thanks.

Russ   Serendip Visitor's picture

Angie's Father's Head Injury Story (wed,Aug 5th,2015)

Hi Angie

I read your story of your father's head Injury he had a few weeks ago and how he has changed.

What happens when a person is injured is that a lot of their attention gets tied up in the moment they are injured.(the impact).
It sticks a lot of their attention, in the incident. (Pain also blocks out memory). If the incident is really
severe it can keep a person's attention there for a long long time.(coma patients are a good example of this). I treated
a girl who had been in a very severe car accident when she was 11 years old and was in a coma for 10 days after the
accident when she came out of the coma over the next 8 years she was a totally change person. She had a hard time having
conversations with people, always in a panic to (get away), very hyper active in a non rational way, depressed, lack of memory.
anger issue's etc. (usual symptoms after a severe brain injury). She was 19 when I treated her and what was causing all her
symptoms was because the force and energy from the accident had been so severe it had trapped a lot of her attention and stuck her back in the car incident (age 11). She had a lot of her rational attention units trapped in this incident back in her earlier
childhood and because they were trapped there, the subconscious mind was more in control of her than her rational mind so
she would manifested all these negative traits. As soon as I freed up her rational attention units from the painful accident, she
recovered in a very short period of time.(about 2 weeks)(each person is different in recovery time, some more time than other's,
some less time than other's). This was an all natural treatment.
I believe your father still has a lot of his "rational attention units still stuck in the injury" and because of this it has robbed him of a lot of his rational attention units in present time, and that is why he is manifesting what you see. Another point regarding him acting like a child. I also believe he has some earlier similar moments in his life (childhood) where he experienced some severe injuries, operations,illnesses or trauma that have trapped a fair amount of his rational attention units back there in his past (childhood) and these are pulling him down there into these incidents and causing him to act like a child. Once these rational attentions units are freed-up your father would have all these attentions units restored to present time and he would then be
fine. He should recover in a very reasonable period of time with this procedure I have enclosed for you to do.

This exercise I have enclosed for you or someone else to do with your father will help free up those trapped "rational attentions units" and by doing that, your father will come more into present time as these rational attention units will no longer be trapped in the past injury(s) You should notice an improvement in him. This is a very simple process. This is based on communication with the environment or location of the scene and location of present time.(as your father is stuck in the past right now (childhood)).

The commands are:

"Where did it happen ?" (the injury or accident happen) Let him answer.

Then ask him,

"Where are you now ?" Let him answer.

Do this until the person brightens up and unsticks from the location of the accident or injury.

He will often have a realization about something and be very very happy. When this occurrs

the procedure is over. ( It could take 1 minute to get a good result or 1hr to get a good result

but when the person is very happy the procedure is over.) Note: Don't go past this good point when he is happy.


You can also use the command: ie:

"Point to where you got hurt" Let him do it.

Then ask him,

"Point to where you are now" Let him do it.

If he is acting like a child tell him you are going to play a game and then start the procedure.

I hope this will be of some use to you and if you have any questions please feel free to call me.

Let me know how you make out

All the Best 1 877 884-3473


" Point to where you got hurt" (Let him do it

Carolyn Serendip Visitor's picture

New boyfriend with TBI

I recently met someone and we fell for each other immediately... He suffered a sever head injury in a car accident 21 months ago, and at first had no sense of smell or emotions and the whole gambit he tells me. That was about all I really knew.... He's relatively fine other then migraines and fatigue I thought. After getting together for a picnic on the weekend, we were driving and he was super quiet... Then he snapped I. Anger a few times, but was loving and kind and sweet before we parted ways... (We live in separate towns) then after at home, he napped... And only sent me messages that were vague...not like his normal self. Then no calls or picking up phone at all. I blocked my number to see if he'd answered this evening and he did.... He told me that he was becoming overwhelmed and needed to have some space and that he tried to kill himself twice last year and he didn't want to tell me at first because I might walk away, and he is head over heals for me... So now I've been reading up more on what I can do to help and make things better. It's such a new relationship, and I was moving to his town in a couple of months, and winder if that will make things better or worse? We will have our own houses... And I think this way he can rest whenever, because when he or I have to travel to see one another it's hard on him, but he never told me how bad. I believe me knowing about the suicide attempts have eased his mind, because me not knowing was causing him stress. I don't know if this is a good idea to carry in... Taking it slow is fine with me.... I just really miss him the past few days of no communication. He totally doesn't want to call it quits... And I'm trying to give him no pressure. But now little is needed? Is there a fine line? I mean just a good morning I love you text, or leave it until he does... Will I wait forever for him? I feel so relieved in one way, but really troubled because I don't know how much better it will be. he did get all his walking driving talking sense of smell back and all that, but ow that I read more about TBI I see more things I thought were just from pain or moody male stuff... He even lost memories of his children's births etc.... He continues to get memories back though still... Is there anything that I need to do? Just be there, patient and understanding? Love, and kindness.... Obviously... Is there anything I need to totally stay away from??

Russ   Serendip Visitor's picture

Re: Carolyn's email 4/29/2015 to me.

Hi Carolyn

I want to give you this information so you can decide how you are going to proceed with your
relationship. All negative thoughts in a person's life come from their subconscious. For your boyfriend
to try and commit suicide twice is not good. The fact that he told you, that is a good thing. It shows he
has a good conscious and he is a social person.
When a person receives a TBI or a severe impact to their body a number of things occurr. I will tell
you this one in particular. Their tolerance level drops down. When this drops down their ability to "cope"
with their enviroment and what is happening to them is greatly reduced. A person can go over the line
very easily if their ability to "cope" with life goes down to low. As long as your boyfriend's condition remains
the same and he doesn't receive the correct treatment for his TBI he is in danger of a relapse. He is at risk
of repeating previous attempts and this could affect other's around him. A lot of people can have a suicidal
thought but never act on them. He has, and that is what is putting him at risk. The thought is more powerful
than his ability to cope and that is a fine line.
The fact that you are thinking about this tells me your own internal radar is going off which is good. I
cannot tell you what is right for you only you know that. If you call it quits because of what could happen in the
future, I understand. As mentioned in your email if you decide to continue and take it slow and not put any
pressure on him I understand that also and you can do the following exercise with him or get someone else to
if you feel that is a better option at this time. This exercise is only a temporary fix for him. It will give him some
relief from his current condition and is a tool to help him cope better until he gets the correct treatment to
fix his condition so he no longer has it. And he can fix his condition and once he has gotten his condition fix he is
no longer at risk to himself and others. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
I hope this information is helpful to you so you can decide what is the correct path for you to take.

All the Best Exercise: Ask him to think of a happy time in his life.
when he has found a happy time, get him to
Russ tell you about this happy time from the start
to the finish. If he feels better after recounting
this incident the exercise is over. If not get him
to tell you again about the incident and ask him
to see if he can give you more details of what is
happening in the incident from the start to the
finish and at the end of the incident if he feels
better the exercise is over. If he is not feeling
better at the end of the incident repeat this step
over again until he feels better and when he feels
better the exercise is over. This is a tool for him
to use when ever he is not feeling well. It is to
give him some relief from his condition. This tool
can be used on anyone as many times in their life
as needed but it is only a temporary fix.

NOTE: Don't be
surprised if at sometime when he is doing this he
has a cry, this is good getting rid of grief helps give
a person more relief from his condition. It gets rid of
some of the stress he has gone thru and going thru.
Let him cry and when he is finish say in a soft gentle
voice you understand. He will feel better. He might not
cry at all but if does you will know what to do.

Russ   Serendip Visitor's picture

Re: My Email Response to Carolyn 4/30/2015

Regarding the Exercise

(All the Best) got mixed in with the exercise when I posted it,please delete this part out of the exercise. Thanks Russ
( Russ )

Chadotaro's picture

Lots of bad but with something very cool

I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury last September. I was in various stages of coma for almost 3 months. I knew the neurosurgeon for years before the accident and he did the best job possible. I have major muscoloskeletal pain, heavy chronic fatigue, extreme hyper sensitivity in my scalp, no sense of smell, limited sense of taste, almost no feeling of heat or cold and a major shift in my personality ..... Among other things..... Including absolutely no mental or physical sexual feelings at all. (Friend is helping write this). I also gave had quite bad asthma and very many bad allergies..... But 7 months later I have no asthma all. I have also lost all of my allergies. All of them. I checked online about this and couldn't find anything connecting my brain injury and the loss of the two (very connected) previous medical problems. Nothing. By the way I spent many months in the hospital from 9 months old until the age of 42. Believe it or not I saw two doctors who put me through many tests and they all came back perfectly clean. Crazy but really good. Finding prt therapy to be very helpful. Willing to commit to any medical group that would like to study me and my situation. Lots of terrible things in my life now but the one I mentioned is one of the only things that actually makes me kinda happy. Just thought I should share. all and forever. Out.

Russ   Serendip Visitor's picture

Response to Chadotaro ( a guest )

Chadotaro you could call 1 877 884-3473 to see if you qualify for one of their
studies. It is free and it is a all natural process, no drugs, no surgery, no needles
etc. Good Luck.


Some Douche's picture


I have suffered amnesia for the past 6 years after 2 tbi's in a 4 month period. I also had a severe loss of touch, emotion, pleasure...

All I really learned is you only get one life, and you should live it for yourself. My family has done nothing but cried, complained, shouted, and abused me since I burdened them after the incident.

I realized how little I actually had at home, the injury happened my senior year of high school before I graduated, college was my plan before however it hasn't worked out so well.

I wanted to join the military or drive a truck to get away from all the abuse, but they put a good stop to that.

I now am doing well in school, but the worst part is the memories I had tried to forget of being disabled and getting treated like an animal. I learned that my family only truly cares about appearances, and they wanted to put up a false appearance of doing well with me, but when I requested doctors visits or even vitamins and support so I could get to feeling better, I was humiliated.

Now I take a load of vitamins I recommended myself 5 years ago, and they are doing wonders for my brain and body. I learned that other people like to look as if they are competent, even if it means sacrificing their own son's health.

Overall I have to say the only lesson learned is that some people deserve a painful death. I just hope it happens sooner than later for the pieces of shit who raised me.

Serendip Visitor's picture

Re: your recent story

I understand your upset with your family.

Here is an exercise you can do to give your
self some relief if you are feeling down in the
dumps or feeling sad.

Recall a happy time in your life. Once you have a happy time
think of this happy time for say 10-15 seconds. If
you feel better after this stop doing the exercise. If
you don't feel better after recalling this happy time
think of another happy time. When you have this new
happy time think of it for 10-15 seconds. If you feel better
after this stop the exercise. If not look for another happy
time. Keep doing this exercise till you feel better. When you
feel better the exercise is over. This is a tool to help a person
get some relief from the hostilities of life.


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Brain Surgery


So a little over a week ago, I had a brain surgery to remove a cyst that was pressing up against my brain stem and cerebellum. It had been causing a mass affect, hydrocephalus, the whole bit. I was born with this cyst- it's a very rare type. As it has grown over the years, the pressure increased upon my brain and caused quite a bit of symptoms I associated with stress and other things.

Doctors told me all sorts of stuff for years- I was in so much physical, emotional, and mental pain that I just sort of shut down sometimes just to get through the day. Because of my issues with balance, weakness on my left side, slurred speech, numbness, feeling overwhelmed or depressed happened quite often. It took them years to finally figure out what was wrong with me.

I was diagnosed a couple of months ago, and now I am home for recovery- I was only in the hospital for a little over a week (a miracle, according to the docs), but I will still have a long rehab ahead of me. I can walk, but I have to re-train myself. My hearing has been affected. I will never get the feeling back on part of my face. But those things only seem secondary compared to all the positive things that have happened.

Almost immediately, there was a change in my personality- my friends and family say I smile a lot more, laugh, joke around. I feel happier, more relaxed. I feel like I'm learning about myself all over again. I can move better in some ways, and continue to improve rapidly. I went to school for art, and have been making and selling art for years and years. I come home today from the hospital and looked at my art for the first time since the surgery, and I realised how very different I am as a person, as an artist, and it is quite possible that my work is going to completely change after this.

It's intriguiging, exciting, scary, but I'm eager to see how all of this plays out in the future. I still have a long recovery ahead of me, but my life has already seen such an improvement so I am very happy. I hope that there are others out there like me that have that option for surgery, and know that while there are risks, there is a possibility for a good change!

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Head in Clouds 2

Someday...things will feel more "Normal" I said. Talking into the mirror to the person on the other side who was stareing back at me. She would blink and wait for an answer. Who are you? What happened to the active jock that you used to be? Why do you seem so different from who you once were?

I was so tired..exhausted from doing little to nothing. Yet, I wanted to. As a child i was much more active. Perhaps that was my downfall..So to speak.

My Sister told me that I had an accident when I was two in the foster home that we had been dumped in. Ofcourse..I don't remember it..but, I wouldn't. Apparently I was knocked off the toilet seat by one of the foster parents and hit my head on the toilet paper holder...guess I wasn't using the bathroom correctly? I don't remember this. My Sister said I changed...Just sat at the big dinner table stareing a lot and not realizing that the other kids were taking my food. She fought for my food...she watched out for me. Never went to the was never reported.

How I managed to make to puberty is beyond me...but I did. Its almost as if I skipped through years of my childhood and then...I just WOKE UP. My teen years seemed "Normal"...Until, I fell out the back of a Pickup and landed on my head...on Concrete. I had a concussion, no doubt...I was terribly sick the next few days. My grandfather didn't want my grandmother to know what had happened..she wasn't told and I was never taken to the doctor. How I survived that...I'll never know. Im still here though. Again..foggy memories for a long time after that. Severe headaches...sick headaches that would down me for days at a time.

How did I survive that one? I would not even come close to knowing. How did I graduate High School? I did another flip and just ..WOKE UP one day in my Junior year of High School. My grades improved dramatically and I graduated with an impressive grade point average. I know, it blew me away too! Had some great years from that point on...It was a miracle. I went to work...finally. ..I goofed off for about a year first. Nothing big...nothing real ambitious..just a job. A low level job to make me be active. I had no BIG ambitions other than wanting to be a Police Officer. Tried as I may..many applications and years later...It never became a reality for me. Finally, I gave up. Wasn't meant to be.

In a horrible car accident years later after High School...I did a noticeable change. I mean, even I noticed it. My Sister definitely noticed it. I can still hear her saying ..."P" (she called me P)..You've Changed. You don't seem like YOU. I wasn't. I became distant...unhappy and unmotivated. I hit a scarey LOW. I needed help...But? What kind? What the hell was wrong with me? At the age of 20 I was actually trying to self diagnose myself...finally after all the other head injuries I'd had years before...this time WAS different. But still, I did not connect this to having a HEAD INJURY. In 1998 ..there was no information out there that related head injuries to these kind of symptoms. That having a head injury could be causing all sorts of altering behaviors. NONE!

I went to the doctor...I don't feel right. He says...What do you feel like? I feel "Uphoric" Like...Its "me" but..I'm on the outside looking in. You can imagine his face. Okay...with a puzzled look. Later when I thought about what I said to him ..I thought...Ive got to stop saying that...they'll think I'm crazy...and I'm not crazy..AM I? I didn't go back...I self medicated. Alcohol and speed... I needed motivation to move...I was so tired all the time..AT 20!!!

For the next 6 or 7 years I existed this way...Unbelievable! Finally, with my Sisters prompting...I went to an Iridologist. What-the-hell...I'll try anything. BINGO! She found Thyroid issues..and a host of other things. She suggested I go see a doctor and specifically ask for certain tests. I did. My road to recovery began...Finally! It seemed as if most of my early life was just like living in a fog. Literally! How I managed to keep on going was beyond me. I never really had a lot of close friends in School...but I did make some in my working life. They tolerated me. Even so, I find my solitude is preferable...but I do like the outdoors and I love the mountains..alot!

After years and years of continous self examining and doctoring I made a break through! In 2012 I met someone who "opened my eyes" and gave me all the answers to every question I needed an answer to. YES! OF COURSE! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!! Traumatic Brain Injuries!! Throughout my Life!! I'm 55 now and understand myself better than I ever have. I now know that my exhaustion periods are my brain trying to catch up to the rest of the world..and..its okay for me to stop and rest. I did that when I was younger, not realizing it. I was always tagged as..."the slow one". There are activities that I won't participate in because it is just too exhaustive for me...but I still enjoy being a spectator! Again...always appearing as a much "Older Person" than in actuality. Oh well... Thanks for listening...hopefully this confession will help someone else. I probably left out a few head bumps here and there...I tried to relay them all..... P

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i suffered a recent head injury

Oct 2014 I was at work for a 13 hour shift with adults with disabilities. Un residential. Ibr of guys in rage. Struck me upside head with motor cycle helmet with such force I was thrown against wall behind me. I was hit upside right eye and hit back left of head against wall u gave been out of work since. I finally gave a neurologist appt for Monday and comp Dr start thinking u faking me vision lost and cgribuc headaches and my head filling like. Its heavier. Than I can hold up u dibt feel like my old self. Work trying to force me back into work and comp Dr tells me I've thing with boy friend present but writes somethin different on charts. I have a lawyer and everything is done confusing l. My words aren't correct and you can't tell I have a college degree and gave worked years in this field. My hands ate tued . For me to super think and cibsebtrate have odd effect afterwards and I still have to take some pretty long naps. Several times aday

At tines ny head feels live someone dumped in a bag of cement and slowly feeling it with water. And other times it feels like I am being beaten with a baseball bay against back of head and someone else us stabbing ne with an ice pic. From yye front. U know my grammer is right and yye chronic massive headache that never stops us about to kill me and the only thing comp dt told me to do was take. Tylenal. Leys not forget nausea. That never ends.

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so sorry

Im am so sorry you are going through so much you need to keep fighting for your disability or comp something is wrong and it needs addressed .im not a professional but even i can see something is wrong good Luck ill be praying for you God Bless .

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Shirley's response to Russ

Hi Shirley

Thanks for your concern. You sent a response to me but I have no TBI

but I do treat people with TBI's. You may want to see who you were responding

to and drop them your email.

All the Best


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information abt specialist doctor

Hii , I m Suman .. I have a brother who is 17yr old he is lost his mind due to joindese so he can't able to do anything like walking,standing,sitting and understanding so I m requesting u to help me abt this prblm and pls inform me the doctor name n contact through mail.