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Daviel Tammet's 'Born on a Blue Day'

            The book Born on a Blue Day, by Daniel Tammet is the autobiography of a man afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder.  Daniel Tammet is best known for his savant abilities in the field of mathematics.   His most famous feat was his memorization of pi to more than 22,000 digits.  One of the main factors allowing Daniel Tammet amazing mathematical skills is his ability to synesthetically “see” numbers and to visualize mathematical equations in ways that the majority of the population can only imagine.

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Beta Blockers and Traumatic Memory: A Dulling Experience

Studies have shown a link between commonly prescribed beta-blockers and the storage of strong, emotionally charged memories.  Taking beta blockers may allow one to dull the emotional trauma of an event by creating a less emotional memory experience.  This could create new treatments for disorders such as PTSD, however whether this is a good way in which to deal with traumatic events remains controversial (1).

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