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360 Exhibition Reflection

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Below you'll find our workshop and attached my reflections on how it related to our work in our 360.

Final 360 Workshop
I Can’t Believe I’m Still Workshopping this Shit: Race and Privilege at Bryn Mawr (1 hour)

Goals: discuss importance to the whole community;discuss issues of race and privilege (color paper)

Voice: Educating people, privilege, school to prison pipeline - criminalization, voice/discussion, Bryn Mawr College History
Vision: The New Jim Crow, walled space, niches - as related to Perry House, where you feel at home on campus
Silence: Voices are silent on campus, silent activity/discussion, silence as a place of reflection, Delpit,

Materials: flipchart, markers, candy,index cards/pens for each team,  tape the floor for step forward statements

  • Icebreaker (8)
  • Intro (2)
  • Trivia (10)
  • Privilege (8)
  • Silent discussion (10)
  • Bring it back, debrief, wrap up (15)
  • “Now I am ready to...” (5)

Introduction (w/ guidelines) 2 minutes (Introducer: Jo)
How it connects to class: We learned about the racism of the prison system and the school-to-prison pipeline, Delpit, culture of power

Confidentiality (What is said here stays here, what is learned here leaves here)

Assumed goodwill

Leave space for others to talk (2 and 10)

Icebreaker 8 minutes (Introducer: Sarina):
“In silence, everyone find a partner who they don’t know very well”
“Now you are going to your partner.  For two minutes, tell your partner why you think they are here -- talking at them, rather than letting them respond.  Then I will tell you to switch, and your partner will tell you why he or she thinks you are here”
Pair up with someone you don’t know and assume why your partner is there. Then tell each other why they’re there.
“This activity helps highlight the ways in which we all make assumptions about one another, especially people we don’t know very well or don’t think we understand....As we move on throughout the workshop think about assumptions you have made or assumptions people make about you.””
Trivia about the History 10 minutes (Introducer: Sasha):
1. In what year did Perry House open?

a. 1895

b. 1927

c. 1970

d. 1981

2. What’s the  current percentage of faculty of color at Bryn Mawr?
    a. 10%

b. 14%

c. 26%

d. 40%

1. By the 1960s how many blacks students graduated from Bryn Mawr?
a. 9
b. 20
c. 93
                       d. 341

2. What action led to the creating of Perry House?
a. A sit-in organized by Sisterhood
b. A decision by the board of trustees
c. A petition signed by 72% of the student body
                       d. A decision by the president following a plenary resolution

3. In 2012, what’s the percentage of international students that are currently enrolled at Bryn Mawr?

a. 11.2%

b. 24.4%  

c. 38%

d. 42.6%

In what year where black students allowed to come to Bryn Mawr?

What’s the gap of years between when BMC graduated its first black student and when

other seven sisters graduated their first black student?

When did Perry House open up to members of Mujeres and BACaSO?
What’s the current demographics of the college?

Step Forward Statements 8 minutes (Introducer: Sarah):
move chairs to side
introduce 30 sec-1 min: this is an exercise similar to a privilege walk, but for lack of space we’re just going to take one step forward if the statement applies to you and then step back on the line.  The statements I will read discuss race, but also connect holistically to other forms of privilege. (or don’t mention race...? be explicit or let people figure it out on their own...)

Take a step forward if...

You have ever felt uncomfortable about a joke directed at your gender

You’ve been the only person of your race /ethnicity in a class before

        The majority of your professors/colleagues are of your race/ethnicity
           You can hold hands with the person you love

You have more than 50 books in your house

There’s a place on campus where you’re not underrepresented

You’ve ever felt silenced in a class

You understand the majority of your readings

           You feel like there are stereotypes about your religion on campus

Silent Discussion 10 Minutes (Introducer: Jomaira):
One of our classes focuses on the impact of silence, as a place to meditate or think about issues. We’ve done it in our silence and voice classes as a way to allow people to engage in a different form of discussion. Write responses to prompts and respond to others comments.
To evoke different emotions from people
        The racial climate at Bryn Mawr is…. Sarah
        In regards to Perry I have questions about… Sasha
I’m privileged at Bryn Mawr because or I’m not privileged at Bryn Mawr because... Jo
The most important parts of my identity are.... Sarina

Next steps/Debriefing (Introducer: Jomaira)
Go to the poster that strikes you the most or that you would lieke to continue having a discussion about. (10 minutes)
Bring back to the whole group (5 minutes)- “We have this great website named serendip and we hope that you will join us in continuing the conversation on there”

Closing: Now I’m ready to… 5 minutes (Introducer: Jo)

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