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Chestnut & Walnut

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Chestnut Street

1 I first notice bunch of advertisements and coupon with the newspaper. Macy not only has its own advertising book but even also occupy whole area of some pages in the newspaper. I recognized I even don’t know the shopping area in philly.

2. Then I found the article called “too bean or not to bean”, it really attracts me to explore the café market in this city. To be honest, I never went into any café in Philadelphia except Starbucks. I found Noble would open a new café in Chestnut Street, which caught my attention. It’s the place I first visited when I arrived.


4. Then I searched this street and found there were many different places I could go on this street-

 It’s a modern shopping place- even Macy’s is near. (I really want to know those propagandas and sales have any effect on the people in real).

 It’s a historical place- independence hall

It’s a special place- specialty store cafe and restaurant

5 explore on a good web to know philly!

and I find there’s Night Market at Chinatown! But it close tomorrow.